Ten directions of our wind

Billowed by its movement
setting sail
we paint with wind
your hand, an ocean wave.

Bending backwards
like you meet my kiss
the sapling meets the wind
just to rise again.

Dandelion parachutes
that leave your lips
fly across my lawn
carried with the wind to weed
like words of gossip.

Hostility of wind-mills
are like foes
you gather with a sieve
in our morning mist.

The wind will find
your parted lips,
seducing it will lift your skirt
uninvited you accept his touch.

The rain and me
are tears and petrichor
when I meet your storm
my vane will swirl alone.

Ripped apart by wind
the spider’s gossamer
will capture syllables —
forgotten are forgiveness.

Snow-drift in the wind
that burn with loss
as tracks will cover up
the path that leads me back.

The wind is full of ash
saturated with your words
in letters that I’ve burned.

Fingered filigree
conductors of the wind
when graveyard canopies
play our threnody.

Landscape with storm by Franz Stuck

Landscape with storm by Franz Stuck

Today Grace introduces us to the poetry of Wallace Stevens at toads and have attached his “Thirteen ways of looking at blackbirds”, looking out my window I saw the heavy wind that inspired me further on to this narrative on wind, as usual I also link up to Poetry Pantry.

April 12, 2015

45 responses to “Ten directions of our wind

  1. #2 gives the impression of not wanting to bend with the winds. In fact it shows tenacity of fighting back. Wonderful take on the winds Bjorn!


  2. This is hauntingly beautiful, full of melancholy, and deep images, Bjorn. Inspring, also. I love 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9 the most. Gosh, these are so good!

  3. “We paint with wind, your hand an ocean wave” – what a beautiful line that is! And then I go on to read line after line of breathtaking imagery – “the rain and me are tears and petrichor”. Just stunning, Bjorn. Wow. One of your best, my friend.

  4. A WOW from me Bjorn ~ Your muse is back with a vengence ~ Love the different directions of the wind, specially 6th & 7th ~ Thanks for playing along & wishing you Happy Sunday~

  5. Wonderful Bjorn. I love the sensuality in this, the images, the tenacity and importance you give to the wind. It inspired you so well!

  6. … so liked what you have done with the wind… depth, yes… even gave it life in a different way… was so easy to see this… looks like that vacation was renewing

  7. You and your way with words, Björn! My particular favourite would be no. IX and the wind full of ashes… Reading all the entries to this challenge today has been a horrid case of ‘I wish I could write like that’ or ‘I wish I’d thought of this’… And this is another one of them. Wonderful, beautiful, exceptional!

  8. Love so many facets of the wind…your phrase ‘we paint with wind’ have so many meanings for me…the wind also on the roads…when we sit in the car…..the wind of change I guess…..nice flowing poem

  9. Wonderfully stanzas, each complete in itself. My favorite is about ‘the rain and me.’ Second one about the dandelion… I like all the movement in your words today.

  10. I adored reading this! I think it’s all perfect; can’t single out any verse as favourite because I love each one so much.

  11. There’s a tragic story in here I see, of two lovers who seemed to have been torn apart — someone is blamed for something that happened, and then the struggle, not being able to let go and the destruction which meant that things can not be fixed. I really enjoyed this one.

  12. Nice write, Bjorn. One thing this assignment does for us is to search for the details better. I see you “u” key doesn’t always make a letter. Mine also, I think that is an early computer part to fail.

  13. Your stanzas sum up a relationship with lyric and also brutal candor–but is it the one born between two people, or the one that the ruthless wind pushes on them…I especially like stanza IX, which rings out a few of my own memories of this natural phenomenon called love.

  14. Liked the story of each but 3 and 9 stood out the most. These two were phenomenal piece of writing, Bjorn. So much had been said with few words.

  15. This is so inspired. And what wonderful images! I never would have thought of breaking down and capturing the multifarious bursts of perceptivity in such a way. Wonderful writing.

  16. Wow, this was an amazing poem! The way you carried wind through different feelings and emotions throughout in such a visually compelling way is just beautiful.

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