The cost of a double room

Dear Beloved —
according to availability
a night in double room
with private, sensitive
& extensive personal details
I present this charitable task
bless selected units — seasons
to work with you
& gets in touch with life.
in loving contacts with my lawyer
for your breakfast points and cash.
impacts died along release of funds
The prices shown
mandate online money
draft your terms unclaimed
the questions died along your assets.
My best regards and dying thanks
in commitment to your next of kin.

The Dream, (the bed) by Frida Kahlo

The Dream, (the bed) by Frida Kahlo

Today Susie wants us to write poetry at Toads based on the subject lines of our spam box… Alas I had so few, and they were really boring, so instead I used the content of the mails, and did this semi-cryptic collage of found words and sentences.
My apologies for tweaking the rules a little.

March 20, 2015

19 responses to “The cost of a double room

  1. I had the most acute sense of certainty (as I read your poem) that I could be listening to the voice of a not so distant future. I imagine some plastic-coated face on a large screen droning in a pleasing monotone.. Chilling.

  2. It seemed to be so nice – the initial Dear Beloved and the private room – then we get to that line ‘in loving contacts with my lawyer’ – quite the turn – smiles – this was fun, Bjorn.

  3. “Found” poetry! It can no longer be called “junk” mail as it achieved a higher purpose. Those breakfast points – I sigh thinking somehow the lawyer ended up with those!

  4. Draw one in and then do away with dying thanks…. (I didn’t see the ‘from subject line” but went into the body of each too).

  5. I don’t know whether to commend you for the fine poem you have knocked up or for the fact that you’ve hardly any spam. That was a pleasant read. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  6. Nice invitation, Bjorn. It seemed the recipient got nasty with lawyers getting involved, then he died. Did I read it wrong? I loved what I read, poor soul. It’s like a bad dream isn’t it?

  7. This seemed to me to be a letter from the grave. Maybe I just understood it that way. It was very legal, but it depends on the relationship people had. Regardless, it’s a bit dark, but well done, Bjorn. 🙂 — Suzanne

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