yet again we believe and vote.

Syllables are clinging to his lips
Words slither through the air
and bury burdens
hide the lies and simplify.
His speech diverges from the truth
and dribble drops of soup
He whisper wows
cross his fingers.

Eclipsing light
renaming daylight night

We had a choice to understand
see it through the shadows of his play.
but yet again we believe and vote.

The Search for Truth - by Rene Magritte

The Search for Truth – by Rene Magritte

Today Victoria revisit the use of verbs at dVerse MTB with a twist. I think you can apply this poem to any “favorite” politician of yours.. *smiles*. I think voters many times vote against their own best interest.

36 responses to “yet again we believe and vote.

  1. This is brilliant, I love it! So complex, the “democratic play”. Is it perhaps the voting itself we believe in most of all, and allow ourselves to see through the fingers with the actual content?

  2. This is so very good, Bjorn….stunning observations and word choices….I love “words slither through the air” for the connotations of a snake….and the “whisper wows” is so creative. Excellent write.

  3. I’m terribly disillusioned with our own politicians here in good old South Africa. I guess the breed is the same the world over. Not that it helps.

  4. ha – def. this is a hit-the-bulls-eye description for loads of politicians around the world… and i wonder why we tend to believe them again and again… maybe it’s because of hope dies last.. i dunno..

  5. True – sometimes it seems we do just believe what politicians say and don’t look at the information behind their words. I like the verbs you have used here. I especially liked the idea of ‘renaming daylight night.’ Yes, that is politicians for you!

  6. I love this part: Eclipsing light
    renaming daylight night –

    I think this speaks to a lot of politicians ~ We keep on voting them anyway ~

  7. Bjorn–I wish I had this poem to use as an example for the post. Your verbs are delicious. I love to use “slither.” And it seems to go so well with politicians, doesn’t it?

  8. I have come to believe that democracy is a very clever disguise the plutocrats have learnt to wear.

  9. What a wonderful poem for such a loathsome truth – I sometimes feel bad voting for these smarmy folk but then would feel bad if I didn’t vote at all- maybe we all need a None of the Above on ballots

  10. Oligarchy, monarchy, dictatorship–these are the choices other than ersatz democracy; like the ersatz communism that is leagues short of true dialectics. The issue is human nature, not the dream of equality, the illusion of a Republic; don’t get me started, brother; but hey, excellent verbal choices & skills.

  11. ah.. the politician and the suit in soup of lies..

    ah.. the CEO.. the clergy.. and sometimes even the teacher

    of law.. in judgement of others gone cold…

    ah.. just to live.. just to be.. as is.. now.. is the place i’ll
    stay while the soup just simmers in the other place..
    for other to lie now…:)

  12. I like this. In keeping with Victoria’s prompt, I would suggest changing the first line to “Syllables cling to his teeth” and then it would be perfect. Peace, Linda

  13. True,voters do vote against their best interests…I like the intimation of snakes and shadowy activity ..and the verb “dribble” 😉

  14. Awesome content well suited to the wonderful rapping rhythm and rhyme you’ve put together here. This thumping rhyme/near rhyme beat is very compelling – though, I suspect, not easy to compose. A great piece of performance poetry!

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