War and Buffet

"Julbord". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Julbord“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Grabbing greed when pushing prows
I will claim the buffet’s prize.
Any means for calories
to becoming super-sized.
Meatballs, gravy, mayonnaise
bread and butter, skip the greens
chicken wings and barbecue
top it off with lard and beans.
Elbow hacking stomping feet
sausage fingers in the soup.
afterwards – come apple pies
chocolate sauce & ice cream scoops.
Clog the arteries with fat
win the war to eat the most
purple faces, shriek the most
take it all at any cost

Eating out is the subject that Karin brings to Real Toads. I was at a buffet yesterday, and it brought this inspiration about greed. I also link this to PU.

March 15, 2015

54 responses to “War and Buffet

  1. I can hear the chomping and devouring..what a wonderful metaphor…i guess how we behave at the table in any situation reflects our position in the world – or desired position! I am left feeling quite full after all that gluttony

  2. I think, most often than not, we define ourselves in the way we behave before a table of feast. Sadly, but your words are excellent here today, Bjorn. I have enjoyed it. Thanks!

  3. Gluttonous groups, hoarding harvests meant for sharing; sadly, a feast fed primarily to the powerful and the already full.

    Gripping, Bjorn.


  4. Food and wine are for savoring and delighting in. Buffets often bring out the worst in us as we push and shove lest we miss out on what we didn’t need in the first place.

  5. Ha ha, this made me smile….you must have been writing about some of the all-you-can-eat-buffets here in the US. LOL.

  6. Here again Bjorn! – fresh topic here which you dive deep into with visceral effectiveness.. Great! Can hear you reading it again!! Spooky.. but a reflection of how consistent and strongly distinct poetic voice you have, my friend…

  7. Have to agree totally here, Bjorn–I do think Greed is the besetting deadly sin of our age–here expressed in tandem with another one, Gluttony. Clever title as well. I am actually a bit queasy now.

  8. This sounded like Agustus Gloop from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was going to town on a buffet. Kind of funny to read really.

  9. I love buffets – but do accept the greed concept. (I sometimes go back for seconds – but don’t have the face for thirds…)
    Love your words – they made me smile (as I pictured it).
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  10. Buffets, I find, often lay out such an embarrassment of riches and excess (in a world where many go hungry – overkill, really), it can tend to send one’s mind off in this direction. It isn’t a healthy way to eat and there is always so much waste. What is the point of this gastronomic extravaganza . . . when a simple repast is so much pleasanter.

  11. I like the truth you’ve brought out here, Bjorn. I don’t personally care for buffets at all. Very good write 🙂

  12. exactly Bjorn that is why I am not a fan of buffet. not good for me and the people seems a little insesitive while getting food.

    as Jae mentioned, this could be a metaphor to politicians and companies abuse of power.

  13. Greed is always about a type of selfishness – for food, money, possessions. It’s hard to watch it and important to identify it in ourselves. Your dinner out resulted in some good inspiration.

  14. Very powerful lines. While reading I notice how easily it is to be seduces by food (and rhymes!), I can imagibe the buffet and my mouth is almost watering, but as I progress to them poem, I also notice the note and message on glutony and that scares and worries me. I believe it goes to represent and touch the subject of the struggle between need and possesivness.

  15. Clog the arteries with fat
    win the war to eat the most
    purple faces, shriek the most
    take it all at any cost

    This is taking the survival of the fittest to a whole new level. Yes forget about the calories!


  16. My kind of meal, Bjorn. That is ‘used to be.’ I found out the hard way that I only have three descending arteries in my heart, all left, no right. Normal is eight total. Now I have three stents, one in each of my three developed arteries. Plus I have one I my left kidney artery.
    So I now eat in (more) moderation.

  17. Those public restaraunts that have “buffets”, a friend and I call troughs. You can see people in there cramming in and often times, getting yet another plate piled full just to say they got their 9.99 worth. Now, a potluck meal between friends and family is different. it has a different feel. Often times, leftovers are split up and divided to be taken home by the various members. how different from corporate greed sucking up all it can while others are in need. At our church, we divide food up and package it and take it to families in the neighborhood who either attend the church or not but we know they have had illness in the family and unable to cook, or are elderly and need some extra care. This is how it should be. We enjoy the buffet but we share and make sure others can enjoy as well.

  18. ‘Clog the arteries with fat’ ~ for sure. Thought, sometimes a buffet can be nice as everything – in moderation…~ great effective metaphor: finger sausages and using ‘war’ here – brilliant! ~ now, diet days? 🙂

  19. Here I want to comment on you flicker photos. I’m not on flicker, but I did check out the photos on this page. I especially liked the refinery with the orange sky. It takes and artist to make a bunch of pipes into a work of art. Great job on all three.
    And yes, I also enjoyed your poem. ;0)

  20. When I was a teenager, I had a huge appetite and an astounding metabolism (sigh, the good old days)….my dad used to say, ‘When they said it was an all-you-can-eat buffet, they didn’t mean for you to take it like a challenge!” That’s what your post reminded me of 😉

  21. Ha ha this made me laugh Bjorn! Skip the greens.. oh no! can’t afford to do that, too many expensive dresses that I have won’t allow me to eat… smiles.

  22. Buffets are perfect for the glutton in us all whether we indulge it or not. These images of gred are juicy enough to keep me away from food all day!

  23. Ha ha….you know I just looked at the title of this again; and I thought of “Warren Buffett” and I wonder if perhaps your title was intended to have a double meaning??? Hmmmm…

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