To be prepared

Shy Cowboy by Derek Boshier

Shy Cowboy by Derek Boshier

It took… planning
hands sweaty
when? where?
But I hesitated once again
she’s too young, I have a pimple
later when it’s dark.
later finally I have
security secured,
a cheerful package
hidden in my wallet.

I can hear her giggle
the cashier
when I leave the store
The buying, trying done,
to be prepared
to have it ready if
my fumbling, fondling
would lead us further
into breakfast.

Linked up to Real Toads where Izy shared the hilarious stand-up comedy by Mike Birbiglia, about making out when you where young. My poem have taken that boy a little further into the future and yes it’s basically true.

March 13, 2015

21 responses to “To be prepared

    • Well, my 13 year old grandson seems to be such, at least the awkwardness. Just last weekend he had to tell me, “Grandma, just so you know, I am dating someone.” Heartaches ahead….

  1. perfectly written like we actually journeyed through this awkward moment with your shy cowboy character. pass the butter, please. 😀

  2. Bjorn….gotta say I loved the whole thing from the awesome photo choice to the closing line. I especially appreciated the shortness of the lines, to match the short term thinking of a young boy who can’t think past the morning. Viva la and thanks for posting!

  3. Oh my word, Bjorn… I had to smile as I read this retrospective of an awkward teen’s thoughts. At least he put some advanced thought into the deed.

  4. Oops, Bjorn, this is beyond kissing !!! 🙂
    It does bring a few memories, ALL very pleasant (well, one was a hard break up, not pleasant at all).

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