The empress’ cleft

The empress’ bejeweled cleft
perfect pert
defer her decent dress.
Embed her fevered bed
enters the erected steed
beseech the reckless deeds
bleed the gentle
feeds the flesh
Etches, fettered helpless femme.
See them peddle pelt —
the herdsmen jesters
repel the restless.
Lesser lepers jeweled end.

A second effort for Anna’s prompt. Now using the Oulipo technique of univocalism. I think I have stolen all Bryan’s missing ees.

15 responses to “The empress’ cleft

  1. Nice rhythm to this….and yes, I think you found all of Bryan’s e’s and then some. There seems to be theme going today for your poems. Clever and a lot of fun.

  2. You found all Bryan’s e’s and maybe in all the land! Christian Bok’s, univocalic Eunoia took him years to write and you come up with this in an evening, very impressive!

  3. Awesome wordsmithing. “Etches, fettered helpless femme” – very clever (picture) take on the classic damsel in distress theme, nicely tucked amongst the e’s.

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