Dreadlocks lost

Toril Fisher "The Emperor's New Sweater" 18 x 18

Toril Fisher “The Emperor’s New Sweater” 18 x 18

Knits are not
felt quite like pelt
fabric softened emperor,
regally impressing
yet yearns for
dreadlocks lost
& waterlogged existence
on meadow grass

Today Margret let us be inspired by the wonderful work of Toril Fisher at toads. I was actually intrigued with the painting of the poor sheep wearing a sweater.. but couldn’t come up with anything else than this little ditty with some wordplay in it.

March 6, 2015

16 responses to “Dreadlocks lost

  1. Really , no matter what we endow upon any being ( any living thing) be it riches, power , money or any fancy title still deep within the heart of that being / person/ living thing ——– freedom will be the most precious thing to achieve.

    PS: Yes, it is the festival of colours ( Holi) here in India, today we celebrated it with full fervour!!!

  2. This is charming, Bjorn–not just in the whimsical tone, but because it manages to say something real so fluidly and lightly–I especially like ‘Domesticated/fabric softened emperor…’

  3. I adore this poem, Bjorn. I am so glad someone chose this delightful sheep and your response is a most rewarding read.

  4. And what fun wordplay it is! I have a friend who raises sheep, shears, cards, spins and finally knits their fleece. I can’t wait to share this with her. :o)

  5. So funny! I was missing my dreadlocks for the first time in years this morning and then I open your poem! Serendipity!

    I love the sound play in the opening line and I love how you set the scene and feeling in your closing stanza.

    Excellent writing, Bjorn!

  6. Love this….I feel sad for the poor little fellow…so put upon by humans wishing to domesticate him when all he longs for is his waterlogged existence, free and wild on meadows of grass. Lovely, Bjorn 🙂

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