Moonless missiles

The night is moonless
moaning with a thirst of shadows
bruised by hunger of your warm thighs
a promise of venom burning on my skin.

I know the coordinates of our town
is coded and commanded to missiles waiting
with fingers fumbling to destroy
pushing buttons
as their eyes excavate our life below.

Yet — tonight
there’s nothing but hibiscus bloom
bursting sparrows in your speech,
as your feline finger tremble
you touch me with the point of your breast.

I’m not a coward
but waiting for an unknown fingertip
a stranger stalking
this shadow of torrential rain
to release destruction
before the spring is back
before we had more time to love
drives me crazy.

Today Grace presents Carilda Olivar Labra at Real Toads and I was particularly impressed of the love juxtaposed with politics especially in Declaration of Love written during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963, and this took me back to the cold war when the threat of missiles seemingly hanging over the world. With the current events going on in the world I fear for a return of this and even worse. I intend to link this to Poetry Pantry as well tomorrow.

February 7, 2015

57 responses to “Moonless missiles

  1. There’s a common vibe in the poems that have been posted in response to Grace’s min-challenge — love in a time of danger: the sense that just when love is about to blossom it will be eliminated from the face of the earth. You poise it so archly here — it’s an almost sexual tension, to be so close to release and annihilation in the same breath.

  2. Wow, I love the sensual weaving with the political tension ~ One finger is trembling with thirst of shadow, while another is awaiting to release destruction ~ This would drive me crazy~

    Thanks for linking up with Real Toad’s Sunday Challenge & wishing you happy weekend ~

  3. I like the way you work in the pieces of the poet and this for me,

    “there’s nothing but hibiscus bloom
    bursting sparrows in your speech,”

    is my favorite. Great response Bjorn…fits the tone of Carlida well, I think.

  4. Missiles waiting to destroy – sigh – a fact of life we don’t often contemplate. Destruction can take place with the push of a button – a scary thought, but today’s world. Whew, a powerful poem.

  5. Hey Bjorn–horrible to think about this overhanging destruction–the clash between the intimate and the crazy impersonality of a missile system very palpable. Thanks much! k .

    ps –thinking of you today–finally we have very deep snow here and it is not a work day or City day for me so went cross country skiing! It’s a bit powdery to be really good–hard work in other words–but not so cold and beautiful! k.

  6. So much I can say about this fascinating piece.. On the Juxtaposition standpoint, when in danger, we often retreat to a safer place, hence the reason as to why we seek comfort from the things that could ultimately bring about our destruction and love and war both have the tendency to do just that so it’s also very ironic that we would choose one or another when both are capable of breaking us. Should we choose love and passion or war and vengeance? Can we let go of what haunts us the most? Very powerful and intense piece here Bjorn. Very thought provoking as well! Well done!

  7. i wonder if we will go back to that…or if we play a much more dangerous game these days…great set up in the early part…the moaning moonless night really sets up the intimacy…and what is boiling just under the surface…

  8. Brilliant poetry, Bjorn. Scandinavian countries, though often seen as neutral, are really situated between a rock and a hard place. Your homeland could be in the direct line of fallout, especially of concern now old cold war aggressions seem to be rearing their ugly heads. Your poem shows so well, how innocent lives are caught up in the fight for balance of power.

  9. I really must start visiting Toads more often! What wonderful poems these are! And yours is an equally wonderful homage, as well as expressing your own concerns.

  10. Face it, love does drive you crazy. The interspersing of sexually allusive words was enough to make your readers think that way too.

  11. It always seems that time is running out when it comes to good things..and yet the bad things linger for years…perhaps even to have a nugget of love maybe a gift..but such a threat is really a weapon of mass destruction

  12. Great contrast between the third stanzas and the other ones. But because your words go back to the threat felt by the persona, we are left with a taste of fear and impeding chaos.

  13. Beautiful. The courage to love in the moment. For a number of years I lived less than ten miles from a company that designed missiles and some of us knew it was in this regular looking office park and knew it had a soviet missile pointed at it. I slept easier when the company moved out of state.

  14. Very well expressed and therefore so scary ‘thirst of shadows’ . Powerful poem, contrast of life and death…we all co-dependent.

  15. Though you leave out the “whose is bigger” aspect of missile warfare, the parallel of the impending sexual act and pushing the button brings it home–the obscenity of something so personal and potentially beautiful is linked to impersonal destruction. Obscene and ironic, ie, brilliant.

  16. I feel like your poem is a reminder to live in the moment. There’s so much out in the world that we can’t control, so worry is wasteful. Great writing, Bjorn!!

  17. I live not-too-far from an Air Force Base. A few times a year training camps are held there. When I hear the sounds of airborne war machines near my home I always consider the generations of others who have known little else.

  18. Oh Bjorn, so much to love and mourn in this poem. The thought of a (quite likely deranged) person contemplating the Buttons, not giving you more time to love is terrifying. A completely stellar write. Wowzers!

  19. That kind of romance below the moonless night is really something. You painted a scene in a complex situation yet managed to bring the sensuality in whole new level. Great one, Bjorn!

  20. This is beautiful with the passion of love and the threat of destruction. I wish no one had to make love in the midst of war. I wish there was no war. I just wish.

  21. Yes, I would be something like that- being with your loved one for the last time, knowing all to well that its time when everything goes caput… I suppose it would be. Smiles.

  22. when a unknown finger presses the button..the destruction of life happens and the love which binds all becomes even more precious..

  23. “before the spring is back
    before we had more time to love”

    This poem wraps time in it’s fist and squeezes it – I too am so afraid of what the currents events hold for the future – For my children, and this poem, for lovers… It’s an hour glass which needs to be tipped over before it’s too late! We have so much to live for…

  24. This one really stands with the prompt…..a great tribute to the poetess..the contrast pricks and you have so beautifully sketched it….I especially liked the opening …..the very mood of the poem…

  25. Your words always make my brain work harder, which is what I like about poetry. That you see the world in speech bursting forth like sparrows is a thing my brain would not have come up with on its own. Thank you for taking me there.

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