Shadow Play

End of month again, and time for our collaborative poem. This time written in cascade form. I will be linking this up for dVerse OLN tonight at 3 PM CET

The voice of collaborative poetry


I stand, feeling I am about to be spilled to the floor
Until you touch me and I am sure
As a moment exists, that moment can just disappear
And its shadow may last forever
Sometimes the best things barely last at all
As we change without knowing we are better.

My yearning for you seems to have lasted forever
And now to be realised, it leaves me aquiver.
Your breath on my skin fans the flames of desire
The soft words of encouragement are all that I need
For the frisson to turn me molten inside.
I stand, feeling I am about to be spilled to the floor.

The reality I’ve known until this day
Has seemed a dull charade, a shadow play,
Projected upon a tattered bedsheet.
I fear that this new-found clarity
Is but a veil of dreams, and I will wake,
Until you touch me and…

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5 responses to “Shadow Play

  1. oh heck… realizing that things aren’t like we thought them to be is tough… lots of emotions in there and then the fear as well of slipping back into the old way of seeing things.. can be merciful sometimes but also keep someone back from really starting to live

  2. I like the play between reality and dream, Bjorn…. My favorite line is “As a moment exists, that moment can just disappear.” And I like the open-ended ending!

  3. It seems the persona has kept their emotions very bottled up, allowing them to develop and have a life of their own, cut off from reality. Now comes the test, for better or worse.

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