Too late to learn


Back-alley left to dumpsters, syringes and rats. Entering, Jed had been in a world of hitting first and leaving fast. That was before; when he still had a tenacious hold on the iron-pipe; weapon by chance; not by choice.
He recalled the lure of her voice; sounding different now:
“I want you to remember — two years ago”
He shivered slightly, oily tarmac on his skin; she said no, and no again; NO; just teasing he thought. But he had proved himself; not giving in. She had been perfectly silent when he left her.
He whispered:
“Good — time to leave” – he heard the click-clack of stiletto heels departing.

Then through blurry eyes; the menace of steel enforced workman’s boots — approaching.
“Hi Jed, I’m Brenda’s brother — I will be your teacher tonight”,
“No, no, NO” — Only dumpsters listening; too late Jed finally learned what NO means.

It’s been a very long time since I wrote for Angela Geoff’s Visdare prompt. If your taste is for great black-and-white photo, this is the place to go.

13 responses to “Too late to learn

  1. When my daughter was born, my 9 year old son, was very apprehensive about the nurses taking her out of the room to finish checking her vitals and to give her first bath. After 30 minutes he said, “They should have already brought her back!” LOL! Brothers are very protective.. My daughter will never be able to have a boyfriend! But that can be a good thing! Nice take on the prompt by the way! No really does mean NO!

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