Carpe Diem Haiku – Sogi’s cherry blossom

Sogi wrote:

Now that they end
There is no flower that can compare
With cherry blossoms

For me this is particularly about longing, about how you don’t really understand what you have lost until afterwards. I love summer… so I write:

even itching
the bites from mosquitoes
are summer’s hallmark

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January 26, 2014

21 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – Sogi’s cherry blossom

  1. again, again… your second one had a special ring to it; aside it was mosquito and all

    I have one I wrote back in 2003…
    tiny mosquitoes,
    someone should clip your two wings
    you obnoxious thing!

    perhaps, a response to your lovely lines… LOL

      • I had no idea they would be that big in Alaska. If one dares go out at night, you have to wear a surgical (or similar) mask as they are so thick, you breathe countless ones into your system. Florida is a horrid place and I hope I never ever have to return.

      • LOL … they commonly say in Alaska that the skitters are as big as helicopters … I exaggerated here. Though yes, due to the long summer I suppose they aren’t tiny. All told though, they weren’t as numerous as the bands of flying beasties in Florida!

  2. Very nicely done – amusing, poetical, deep, true. For once commenters missed something I think. The circle of life and seasons in this haiku show us they are very much part of everything, so what is the point of hatng them.

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