The hidden words – for dVerse


With bleeding fingers in the freezing soil
I hide the treasures of the words I said
with lies I poured on stormy waves like oil

to cool the warming arrows that was read,
as tattooed serpents on a youthful thigh.
Those silent words with taste of moldy bread.

Yet, in the winter wind I leave to dry,
in whispered softness of the morning rime,
forgotten icicles of tears you cried.

I’m eaten by the secret of my crimes,
in hidden wardrobes of my skeletons,
hear rusty bells of hide-and-seek, the chime

for paying all my debts in penitence
for hidden words that stay in residence.

Abhra is hosting Poetics today and want us to write about our secrets without actually revealing them. We all have secrets, and somehow they can be a burden sometimes, a hellish thing really that make a terza rima a suitable form, at least in my mind.

Come join us, Pub opens at 3 PM EST.

January 13, 2014

38 responses to “The hidden words – for dVerse

  1. I loved the variation of the sonnet – how you’ve grouped your stanzas, it gives it a different reading rhythm. And the teasing about the secret without revealing — you did it masterfully.

  2. Some words are best hidden, even if one has to bloody one’s fingers to bury them. But even though they are hidden, the memories forever remain.

  3. oh there are def. secrets that can eat us from the inside out… we need to decide carefully which secrets we want to carry around…the skeletons in the wardrobe made me shudder…

  4. it is the words that i hold back that scare me….secrets scare me as well…because they never stay that way…and one day we will pay for them…we are foolish to think otherwise….

  5. Candor is a honorable bed fellow, but for me, too often, those words do not get stifled, or held back–which has been an issue for me vocationally & personally. Terza Rima indeed; so well done this time that I was onto the third stanza before I realized, recognized it as a classic form. Your ease with older forms still amazes me, brother; not where I live, but I don’t mind visiting sometimes. Like Claudia, I like the lines /I’m eaten by the secret of my crimes/in hidden wardrobes of my skeletons/.

  6. guilt is such a powerful force, and it always fights with our secrets, we never know for sure who will win the battle.

    I love the silent words that taste of moldy bread…what a fabulous image.

  7. ‘I hide the treasures of the words I said’ ~ this line – very intriguing…to make someone to guess what it is….but sometimes it’s sorry if they don’t get it, esp. close people…~ love the sonnet.

  8. One can indeed be eaten by secrets. While in a perfect world, there should be no need for secrets, there are sadly times when they are necessary. Which does not mean they should be taken lightly.

  9. Bjorn, I really liked this form I might have to try this sometime.” I’ve eaten the secrets of my crimes” . I think we have all eaten a bit here and there.

  10. Ah.. the crimes of.. youth re-visit now.. soul of age.. the dark of new.. old of time.. truly feeling pain.. of others past.. in soul of now.. to leave in grace.. a new day is now.. to live in hope.. with crimes now @least..:)

  11. “I’m eaten by the secret of my crimes,
    in hidden wardrobes of my skeletons,
    hear rusty bells of hide-and-seek, the chime”

    Brilliantly done Bjorn, smiles.

  12. where’s Diogenes when we need him ? I have quite a few memories that shame me, with only the defense of it seemed like a good idea at the time…

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