Potentially a positive progression – for dVerse

I have a sense that sympathetic synergies,
has quarterly expanded into an affinity
and mutual cardiovascular connections.

As proactive measure I hereby testify
with double signatures on this certificate
affirming my affection, and I’m now awaiting
a confirmation for my confident proposal.

This letter does not constitute a commitment,
and your claims on my estate cannot yet be made.

Courtship the Proposal by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Courtship the Proposal by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Tony will keep the bar tonight at dVerse MTB, and he asks us to write poetry using Jargon, Buzzwords and Management-Speak!. I wonder if this love-letter would ever get a positive response.. or there might be a reason why she left with the plumber.

December 4, 2014

28 responses to “Potentially a positive progression – for dVerse

  1. ha… mutual cardiovascular connections and sympathetic synergies… i do hope he gets a positive feedback even though i would be a bit skeptical if someone proposed to me with double signed certificate and all… ha

  2. I don’t think I would be impressed with this proposal. No romance in those words….so I assume the poor woman would be in for a mundane life which would be run by the ‘rules’ of business. Zzzzzzzz.

  3. Just love the way you have used the lingo, Björn! The ‘double signatures on this certificate’ made me smile. In education there is also a lot of jargon and sometimes it feels as if it is just that jargon hiding emptiness.

  4. Oh what fun! Yep, this reminds me of the prenuptial agreement…
    Mind you, I used to correct the love-letters written for me (yes, with a red pen – their grammar and spelling was atrocious).

  5. Brother, this one cooks & giggles at the same time; like a piece of dialogue right out of the TV sitcom, THE BIG BANG THEORY; exquisitely clever, perfect yet gentle rocking of of the prompt. As you know my jargonese rant screamed Beat It for three pages, overwhelming the reader with 40 pieces (+) of gobblygook-speak.

  6. Love letters are passe. You just put it on the end of a memo these or text these days.
    What are you doing next weekend? I feel like getting married.

    When couples split….they just text.
    I’m leaving you…have changed the locks!

    It’s a different world. I’m glad my courtship days are over.

  7. haha a modern day pre-nup ..comes with double signatures..something tells me she will say no..I didn’t
    participate in the prompt I’ve been sick for a few days.

  8. Great write Bjorn! You’ve caught the typical terminology very often associated with pen-pushers hoping to intimidate others. That is true in countless memos in the filing cabinets.


  9. Ha! Very good – what a fun and thoughtful write. Though, corporate jargon is the worst, I think, because it actually can have really serious consequences – mesmerizing investors as their pension funds and life savings are tossed to the winds . . . while the paradigm shifts to allow for a correction in order to maximize core competency . . . primarily . . .

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