Carpe Diem Haiku – Richard Wright’s first “their watching faces “

Inspired Haiku:

Their watching faces,
as I walk the autumn road
make me a traveler.

Who are they? I really like the mystery here. This could have a deep spiritual sense. The autumn road could to me symbolize the road leading towards a winter end. It could be the end of life itself. Then to me this haiku would be a preparation for death. Given this interpretation I have to formulate a haiku in the same spirit.

They are by my side,
walking the road less traveled
to faraway house.

I couldn’t avoid to bring in a little Frost into this as well.


Linked to Carpe Diem
December 3, 2014

10 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – Richard Wright’s first “their watching faces “

  1. I like this inspired haiku Björn and that touch of Frost makes this an extraordinary haiku … i love to use this one in one of our upcoming Tan Renga challenges if that’s ok. Thank you for sharing this with CDHK. I even think that the creative writing course has made you more confident and creative. This haiku feels different with your other haiku you have shared here.

  2. For me, the nuances of interpretation in a haiku create wonderful layers of conscious thought and metaphysical contemplation that deepen and enhance both the meaning and the poetic experience. You have achieved that, beautifully, here. And thus, in my opinion: this is an exceptional piece of work. (Of course, the fact that I am a HUGE Frost fan, didn’t hurt. Smiles)

  3. I think we are all walking the road to the faraway house. Hopefully the walk will be a long one. The interested in getting to that ‘faraway house’ any too soon.

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