She’s weaving sentences

She collects untangled syllables
from eaves-dropped conversations.
Senseless sentences she’s pouring
on the kitchen-floor;
she sorts them carefully in color-codes;
the jealous green with yellow strands
and crimson anger with a wintry blues.
She hides the sooty threads of sorrow
and carefully she twists
a noose to pull in case she needs.

But she spins their past with words and
weaves with silver lures of lust
and promises to capture him in dreams again.
But soon again the dreams will oxidize to ash.

I still recall her pearls of trickling water,
that laughter
before the vinegar of words dissolved her joy;
When he was just a boy;
before she started to record
the sentences she weaves to
razor-wire comfort blankets
and concrete pillows for their nights.
To lumpy curtains to be used
as shroud when dreams have drowned.
A day when she will pull the noose.

The weaver (loom+woman) by Natalia Goncharova

The weaver (loom+woman) by Natalia Goncharova

This poem is written to my own prompt at toads of being in the moment and yet at the same time being in the past and the future. I also link this to Poetry Pantry.

November 29, 2014

38 responses to “She’s weaving sentences

  1. i found the description of her weavings…as razor blankets and concrete pillows to be quite intriguing…quite sad as well that she lures with lust but ends with ash…but that is what it is….

  2. Wow! Such a weaving craft you’ve created, Bjorn. I love reminder ‘the dreams will oxidize to ash’ when we’re not acting on them….they do shrink… and the end about preparing ‘ shroud when dreams have drowned.’ seems safe, but then you adding another ‘spoon’ to the cauldron ‘A day when she will pull the noose’…now I don’t know if this what he will enjoy or just for her comfort….~ Intriguing write … x

  3. Great use of colors in the first stanza. You have pained the portrait of a very bitter person and made us wonder what transformed her in such a way.

  4. This poem is most impacting, Bjorn. You have told the tale of a lifetime and summed up all the hope and loss and futility that is so common to experience, but made it so personal. Really well done.

  5. A breath-taking read, with a beginning that grapples the reader to continue on reading. The weaving that emerges in your words is powerful and melancholic. There were two lines which I particularly loved, “But soon again the dreams will oxidize to ash” and “A day when she will pull the noose”.
    Wonderful writing. 🙂

  6. I live with mental illness. I have felt the way your poem’s protagonist feels. People tell me to “just stop feeling that way,” but if I could do that, don’t they think I would? It boggles the mind.
    I love reading poetry of this nature. We folk with mental illness–we aren’t lesser, and we aren’t stupid. We should be acknowledged, and I appreciate that you did. Thank you!

  7. Gorgeous – gripping and needs to be published … (one comment-question… is this a typo?
    “and carefully she twist”. rather than
    “and carefully she twists?” Again, love the poem from first line to last.

  8. I still recall her pearls of trickling water,
    that laughter before the vinegar of
    words dissolved her joy;

    It appears there are feelings of joy quickly thwarted for some reasons that brought frustrations and sadness immediately. It can happen in some situations. Wonderful wordcraft Bjorn!


  9. your femme fatale is mesmerising. I was really stunned by the images of oxidized ash or vinegar of words.

  10. What an interesting weave you show us here, Bjorn…tangled and senseless as syllables may be, there is always a pattern for the discerning eye. An interesting piece.

  11. This whole thing is captivating….from the untangling of syllables to the senseless sentences poured on the floor all the way to the chilling ending where she will pull the noose….I have read and re-read this so many times and still cannot soak it all in enough to stop reading because the imagery and word choices are so very luxurious. I always enjoy your posts, Bjorn, but this is one of my favorites of yours for sure!

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