Night Steed

Our latest collaborative poetry.. I will link it to OLN at dVerse.

The voice of collaborative poetry


Up in the middle of the night, the pounding in his temples
A deafening echo of yesterday’s loss, and of the days’ before,
He wished hard for a distraction, but none was forthcoming.
Maybe a dog’s barking soon, or rain? Hell, even hail would do!

Even the worst of those moments he wants now
Even the most mundane when he closes his eyes can be back
He’ll live in the past and he’ll await what is to come
But now he’ll deny until it fades into being gone

In the shadows, his mind tracks his breath’s shallow cadence.
In. Out. One. Two. Time begins to unravel.
Bringing snapshots of memories overlapped and strewn about.
Each to be stored and savored, safe from coming storms.

In shrines and boxes he stored, wrapped in tissue-paper
sparkling turquoise glitter by the sea, the spell of spring
when buds are bursting, the smell of…

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4 responses to “Night Steed

  1. What an agonizing experience this must have been…having one’s temples pound as he thought about his loss and wishing for anything to get his mind off what happened. Sounds like the past was not pleasant & he is not looking forward to the future.

  2. I like the idea that ‘ forgiveness can be the mortar of this new life’ and think it is a prerequisite before a page can really be turned, or maybe it is a sign that page has been turned.

  3. Mental anguish – when the hobgoblins (or night steed) comes in the night. The process of settling them, I have found, can be rather like a journey through an epic, extraordinary tale . . . but sooner or later, they do (mercifully) settle and that is wonderful!

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