a lesson from the smug stairs – for dVerse

When tearful loudspeakers
wails, conveying somber sofa solitude
in everlasting songs of biting fog.

It’s raining heavy spoons,
jaded by your thin onion soup
lukewarm with regrets.

Sour wine in glasses sad –
bending into muddy whines.

hear empty flowerpots
in cheerful laughter as the
smug stairs paint my toe-nails blue.

I’m knocking the ferocious door
of your roads less traveled.
Not even angry candlesticks can
clear the soot from cranky paintings
of this blues.

Marina over at dVerse Poetics has us make two lists, one with things around you, another with adjectives describing emotions/feelings. Cut them up, randomly pick pairs and weave them into a poem without using abstract nouns (such as love, passion, jealousy etc.).. pub doors open at 3pm EST…

29 responses to “a lesson from the smug stairs – for dVerse

  1. Enjoyed your word combinations, Bjorn. They do express the mood of November in many different ways. I would much prefer ‘raining heavy spoons’ to a snowy November, I think. But sour wine and muddy whines would make for a difficult occasion!

    • So far November has offered us 2 hours of sun. the heavy clouds means midday dusk..

      No sun – no moon!
      No morn – no noon –
      No dawn – no dusk – no proper time of day.
      No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
      No comfortable feel in any member –
      No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
      No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! –

  2. ha smiles…. thin onion soup is not good at all…oy…love the blue painted toenails…heck… november can be such a grey month…grey day over here as well… maybe that’s the reason why i wanna paint the house.. smiles

  3. I see that November causes dull feelings and has resulted in an atmospheric poem for you too, Björn. I enjoyed the cheerful laughter and smug stairs though.

  4. Wow, Bjorn, I only had one pair of object/emotion in mind… but you made so many joyously strange combinations that I am really glad you shared them all with us!

  5. Nice light-hearted foray into a somewhat depressing arena of gray/grey, without respite, sunbreak or joy; you did seem to understand the prompt well, silly man; a fine take on the prompt, brother.

  6. I feel for you, Bjorn..somber sofa solitude is no fun with long drawn out sameness and lack of blue sky, Now I don’t mean to rub it in, but here we’ve had a stretch of crispy cold days with sunshine most of November. The streak will end later this week, however with rain..at least it changes, back and forth. Even wind would help the situation there. I admire your fortitude and humor.

  7. “Smug stairs paint my toenails blue”—ouch! I love this…what palpable imagery…I can almost feel the smugness 😛 What an amazing write…you certainly went well above and beyond on making Marina Sofia’s prompt idea to life. Excellent job!

  8. November – my birthday month (22nd to be precise)! So this piece made me a bit gloomy! But beautiful imagery, and I love the voice you have used, bending on the wry side.

  9. I was born in November and used to love its nicely cool weather when I lived in Mexico City. I still love the month for many reasons, but the weather –at least in my new hometown: Oslo– is definitely darkish and moody. Too many clouds, sparse drops of rain spread throughout days and sometimes weeks…

  10. At the risk of making you jealous, I must tell you that my November is a little colder than usual, but full of sunshine. I love your response to this prompt, your mix of words and thoughts about November.

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