A second midnight run

The asphalt’s slick with motor oil
beside the road a withered rose
where shattered glass and blood did soil
a bridegroom’s new and shining clothes.
On empty roads there’s still concrete
for speeding cars to end their rush
and mangle drivers into meat
the hand of death — a royal flush.
A widow on her honeymoon
is midnight driving to her end
against a pillar finds a doom
she did survive but couldn’t mend
and live in utter loneliness
she puts and end to hopelessness.

Linked to Magpie Tales.

November 16, 2014

25 responses to “A second midnight run

  1. Orpheus probably should have turned out this way if he had stuck to the love song and followed Eurydice and kissed his own adder, marrying her at last in death. Yes.

  2. I like “midnight driving to her end.” I kept hoping the story warsn’t true and that the bride didn’t kill herself. Intense and well written.

  3. This may be a work of fiction, but the scenario is all too familiar. Great response to the picture and a very stylish sonnet.

  4. Truly macabre. If only she could have grasped that in time her hurt would mend, and that there would be another one day. There always is if you stick around long enough to fine them.

  5. Poor “widow on her honeymoon.” She sounds all mixed up without the wreck. I know her type, most are remarried. 🙂 Fun reading, Hank.

    • Sorry, Bjorn, I had Hank (above) on my mind there for a minute.
      Again, I am sorry, Now would be a time for a ‘Delete’ button. 🙂

  6. Those left behind when a loved one, at the height of happiness, is taken away in such a brutal, senseless manner, do, indeed, survive … but, they do not mend. Life from that moment on is never the same. A powerful sonnet! Great writing!

  7. Gday Bjorn , did you know around 1.2 million people die every year on roads worldwide ( that we know of ) it is a slaughter , but a lucrative one !

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