What’s fair in bottles?

When fairness lingers indecisive
in olive hues of sunburnt skin
in raven tresses hidden by hijabs
in what’s different from you;
it’s your acceptance
of the details in what’s fair or dark.

Cause fairness isn’t always fair;
what’s fair is never square
but rounded or uneven,
jagged and thorny;
like a long-stemmed rose;
where we only care about
the colors of its petals;
and not about the lifeline of the stem.

The vanity of fairness
can be bought in botox bottles
and peroxide hues;
but fairness is much more
— it’s you and me.

Today Gay inspire us to write about the word fair at DVerse MTB.

November 6, 2014

33 responses to “What’s fair in bottles?

  1. nice step through several of the facets of fair…truly the concept of fair goes we beyond human means to produce it…how can you, when life, the fates and opportunity is not fair….

  2. True that fairness isn’t always fair. And perhaps it is seldom fair at all. Smiles. Except to the winners or those who make the rules.

  3. it’s you and me… that is a cool sum up there in the close… what’s fair is never square
    but rounded or uneven… so true… there is no real definition and what fair is or not can change from one moment to the next

  4. What a fine poem exploring the facets of fair. I was happy you liked the topic. After I wrote the article, I wondered if it were appropriate, but the more I thought of its ramifications I believed it was a worthy prompt and your poem validates that indeed it was. Very fresh images in this poem.

  5. A strong entry at the dVerse Fair for today; strong, wise, artful, complete, & able to shake inquiring minds into new frames of fair references. We were on a similar wave length today, brother, as I dug into divers aspects of the word, the thing; nice job, fun ride.

  6. Wow, that sucked me right in.-.each word, each stanza, the rose and its stem, the olives skin of the girls, the paradoxes, ditto what Glenn said about strong, wise and artful.-

  7. “Cause fairness isn’t always fair” such an intriguing (and true) statement… this all has me pondering, “what really is fair?”…or is that better worded as “what fair really is?” hmm…

  8. Humankind in inclined, I think, to hang on to the notion that there must be fairness hiding … somewhere … though we seldom look to ourselves to provide it.

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