Virtual Roadkill

Copyright Jean L. Hays

Copyright Jean L. Hays

“Some age gracefully — constantly learning and adapting — while other are left as rusting debris on deserted parking lots; waiting for renewal that will never come. Some find new careers late in life and are valued for their contributions to society, while others are discarded as a burden to the nation.”

“You’re saying, it’s time to learn that computer thing?”

Marvin stirred his coffee — sighing; Edna raised her left eyebrow — smirking.

“I was talking about those old cars; but you’re right; I think you might might be on your way to becoming another road-kill on the information superhighway


After one week of absence I’m back with a story of 100 words. I hope it makes sense, it’s about the symbolism of the two cars.

Friday Fictioneers is a group of blogger writing a story of 100 words to the same story. Head over to our chauffeur Rochelle for more info and join the fun.

November 5 2014

66 responses to “Virtual Roadkill

  1. Dear Bjorn,

    I’m a dead skunk in the middle of the information super highway so your story really resonated with me. There is also a warning contained in your piece which I intend to heed. I will grow and adapt to the very end..when the bus runs me over. Good job this week.



  2. Bjorn, Good, humorous, and timely story. I have friends who still don’t use a computer. I was fortunate to have had a couple jobs where I used computer programs all the time. My son taught me how to do email and find my way around the internet. I think learning new things keeps your mind healthier. Well written. 🙂 — Suzanne

  3. Still cringe when I hear no computer. :-8
    If my 80++++Dad can learn as he says anyone can.
    Good Story. About cars! But humanity:
    Can we ever just value a life for a life without putting
    some invisible set of standards for all to bear. I think
    we all bear enough just living! Just saying…But
    I really liked your write and have been know to veer
    without caution into lots with car shows as I travel!

  4. “that computer thing”. That says it all. It’s never too late to learn, but roadkill might be just about right in this case. Click on just one banner ad, and bam! 🙂

  5. I dunno, I find myself looking at the adopter in the picture with almost as much dismay as the ruster! Clever take though “That computer thing” totally sums up her stance

  6. The symbolism comes through perfectly, Bjorn. And your main character reminds me of a TV commercial about 10 years ago, which was trying to get the public to move in the direction of more Internet use. It centered around a man who was the most senior of employees at a company that had switched to all computerized communication. He finally took the plunge, but it was a hard-fought battle. He could have been the character in this story.

  7. Dear Björn,
    I’ve always been of the mindset that when you’re too old to learn it’s time to close the coffin lid. You illustrated my beliefs well. A wonderful life lesson disguised as two cars. Nicely done.



  8. Hahahahaha!
    Loved it —!
    One year I was given the (unenviable) task of teaching basic computer skills to people who wanted nothing to do with computers …. this post reminded me of them!

  9. I like Marvin’s rather pompous way of speaking, making his point with a quote! And I’ll have to remember the phrase “road-kill on the information superhighway” – very good.

  10. “road-kill on the information superhighway” … After I stopped laughing, I don’t know how to top that comment. It was great. Another good story with good message..

  11. I used to wonder what could be better than my IBM Selectric typewriter. I like computers but… Last year I purchased an old used Royal manual typewriter because some days I like to take things slow.

    “road-kill on the information superhighway” … has me chuckling. Way too much information out there and pressure.


  12. one week absence! shame on you:) i’ve been gone 3 months and offer no apologies or even explanation. would anyone believe i was held in a Turkish prison and recently escaped by shoving the sodomizing prison guard’s skull into a coat hook. no. wait. i think that was a movie. my bad:) lovely 100 words as usual.

  13. Hahaha! 😀 Yeah … try to get my dad to learn how to work his computer (which only my mom uses for only e-mail) if at ALL. Nailed it, Bjorn!

  14. Resonates with me. As a member of the information technology industry the reality of it is all about continuous improvement. This years Ferrari can be next years Edsel. Adapt or perish on the information superhighway.

  15. My favorite part is your ending this week, Bjorn: “another road-kill on the information superhighway.” The necessity to keep up with technology can seem like a death knell to some, but those who grit their teeth and learn even the difficult new platforms often are rewarded in ways they would never have imagined. Friendships from around the world have been some of the greatest rewards for me. Thanks for the reflection this week, my new friend.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  16. But is the information superhighway really necessary to everyone? Surely there is room in the world for a repaired car that hasn’t turned itself into a monster.

    Then again, you don’t see me logging off.

  17. Wow! This story is beautifully told, and ends very satisfyingly. My favorite line includes these words: ” … while other are left as rusting debris on deserted parking lots; waiting for renewal that will never come.”

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