Rust and past glories.

eats its
Dying muscles
leaking oil;
iron hulls.
burns from

Linked to Real toads where we do some repetitions of past prompts.My choice was to do a waltz wave form. 1,2,1,2 ,3,2,1, 2,3,4,3,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,1 syllables. I took some pictures of rusty military vehicles a while back. I will also link this to Poetry Pantry.

October 25, 2014

37 responses to “Rust and past glories.

  1. Bjorn, I didn’t recognize the form until I read process notes, but the first thing I admired was that snaking down the page.

    There is subtle and not-so-subtle commentary here, and both are greatly appreciated. I had a dream once, and it was a sparrow flying in triumphant freedom straight over a bloody battlefield, as though nature will have last say. But what we leave behind in war… the rust, the depleted uranium, the blood of children and elders. None of it washes clean, none of it. Brill. Amy

  2. Ah, this is lovely Bjorn. I have always found the waltz wave a bit limiting in its brevity but you have encapsulated a history and keen observation in your piece.

  3. “Tomorrows warfare fades among butterflies. Stunningly poignant imagery. A very beautiful and considered piece of poetry.

  4. i only wish that more war toys would sit rusting, unusable, and butterflies could purch on them. much like ships sunk in the ocean and become home for so many living things under sea

    good write, mi amigo

  5. “Tomorrows warfare fades among butterflies”… if only it were so for more military vehicles… for all of them…sculptural reminders of how we can choose love over hate.

  6. This is so cool. I so admire poets, like you, who have the talent and patience to follow a form. I can dance it, but don’t know if I’ll write it.

  7. Such complexity in so few words. Especially love “tomorrow’s warfare fades among butterflies.” Great piece.

  8. Ah, the switch back of images the first a bit depressing, the second lovely – I mean flowers covering warfare (for that is what butterflies are attracted to… so that’s how I saw it) and then back to the oil and dying grass back to …. and so on. Really cool.

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