Ode to Carl – Ottava Rima

A new collaborative poem. This time a bit of Vogon poetry (beware) to be linked to dVerse Open Link

The voice of collaborative poetry


A poem in Ottava rima was our brief,
But in brief; it won’t happen, all right?
I planned a mock heroic epic, of a thief,
Instead, he stole my sleep last night.
Writing verse of a particular sort,
Requires time and wit, which both I lack.
My midnight thoughts have come to nought,
I’ve let the team down; I’m just a hack.

A mock heroic epic tale of crime
Does sound the sort of thing that could be fun,
But, in the end, it’s just a silly rhyme;
If, in the end (and during) you had none,
For G-d’s sake then it’s just a waste of time.
Were it our undoing, best it’s not done.
If it’s not fun, well then it’s unpaid work
And what fool would do that? I’d rather shirk.

And here was I, this poetry novice
Thinking Ottava Rima a Microsoft font.
But to write the…

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5 responses to “Ode to Carl – Ottava Rima

  1. I understand the struggle to try to write something for which one is drawing a blank. I think all of us struggle with this at one time or another. It probably feels worse if one is part of a collaborative write!

  2. I had never heard of Ottava Rima before. I am not sure what we would consider a heroic epic today so I can see why you would try to write a mock one. Somehow we have problems identifying true heroes.

  3. I LOVE THIS! What a rollicking epic Ottava Rima ride. These meandering stream of consciousness narratives are much, much harder to pull off than they may seem, at first blush. Very clever!

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