41 responses to “Altis Puave – Dada poetry for dVerse

  1. I like how creative you went with the prompt, Björn! Wondering how you created the lines in the first place. They remind me of Apple templates.

  2. You nailed it, Bjorn. Are you sure you’re not one of the original dadaists reincarnate? Great reading that made it so cool. I enjoyed finding some Latin, English and French–and guessing some of the other languages.

  3. I was lost in the latinic-babble, but amazed at the look of the madness, until I heard you recite it (thanks for that effort; richly appreciated, & necessary for the full consumption of your poetic Dada souffle), & as you read it aloud, I was transported to Chile, Brazil, & Spain, with a stop in Portugal, & I heard strains of Lorca, of Che, of Neruda, with a line by Frank Zappa, & punctuation by Hunter S. Thompson being fallaciated by Ginsberg; inspired madness; loved your nearly laughing at the end of the recitation.

  4. Way cool and a little crazy – sure that’s necessary for the real deal (dada deal of course)…loved the reading. I’m sure this gets better after a couple of glasses of wine. (ha)

  5. Listening is so much better than reading, and gives ever much more sense of moisture. Fun . I like the first wooooooh best.

  6. Okay, I think I get this, the sound side of it at least. I wondered how can strings of syllable and sounds be a poem. It’s like listening to music in a language you don’t speak, pure emotions come through without our opinions of words and meanings getting in the way.

  7. Though I do not understand the language, I enjoy the sound it makes. I like how the words seem to roll off my tongue. 🙂

  8. I’ll probably reveal my glorious lack of sophistication here, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the fonts was the “untraceable ransom notes” from Hollywood movies. I don’t understand the words, but of course I don’t.

    But hearing the enthusiasm in your voice, the rolling of the “r’s”, the careful savoring of the enunciation of each word… that was very cool!

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