Carpe Diem Haiku – buttercups

In my dreams of a perfect midsummer, the sun always shines, children are happy and every girl is crowned with meadow’s freshest flowers. The music and laughter fills the air. The grass feels soft under my fresh feet, and I have you by my side, in a smile of buttercups and wild roses. The afternoon cumulonimbus evaporate and as an evening stillness settle we make new friends while solving the worlds problem. In reality dreams are rarely fulfilled, just as buttercups are poisonous and wild roses have thorns.

braided carefully –
for summer’s smile

Copyright Bengt Nyman

Copyright Bengt Nyman

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June 25, 2014

15 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – buttercups

  1. that last line of the prose…there is a bitterness there in the fact that dreams seldom come true….the buttercups and thorns…glad i got a breath in the last little verse…

  2. I like that roses have thorns,, as Brian said the bitterness of it is there, but it reminds us that nothing is perfect and that beauty has a price, so we appreciate it more, I like your lines that is braided, time is braided and by it we find sanctity

  3. I love buttercups, it’s the nickname my best friend and I have for one another..and even if they are poisonous they are yellow and happy.
    I loved this poem and the Haiku, both made me SMILE.

  4. Your haiku/haibun is like life, a mixture of bitter and sweet, beauty and reality. Your last line ties it all together and then the haiku expands. (…”worlds problems”…”world’s”.) 🙂


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