born in ice and fire – for dVerse

Atlantic island born in ice and fire
where clouds are kissing shores with rain
awake again adventurous desires
I easily from sunny shores abstain

No, give me brimstone smell and lava flows
and glowing glaciers in the froth of sea
a land where poetry replace its prose
a land without the shade of mighty trees

To walk the paths where heroes have been slain
between the settlements of violent pasts
where once the angry axes found its bane
but peacefully it rests when time has passed

But see! a one-eyed man who sits alone
it must be Odin who this peace bemoan

Today at dVerse Poetics Abhra want’s us to write about a place in the world where we wanted to be. And I thought immediately of Iceland. A place full of magic of stories. I was there 3 years ago, and just maybe I will head back there someday. For some reason all I write the moment turn into pentameter and sonnets.. so alas that is what I offer today as well.

And by coincidence it’s Iceland’s national day today.

June 17, 2014

56 responses to “born in ice and fire – for dVerse

  1. i’ve had customers from iceland here not too long ago who told me a bit about their country… it sounds beautiful indeed… love that you weave odin in as well and a bit of its history…that also makes a country – maybe even more than the landscape

  2. whew…gotta love those barren places bought by blood and full of stories & old gods….got a rough and rugged kinda beauty…and i have never been there…so might have to correct that…smiles.

  3. I love the land ‘born in ice’ and fire and the references to Odin and the sagas. Iceland sounds a bit bare to me but I am sure it feels eerie and magical.

  4. Your poem made me want to visit Iceland. Many people use Iceland as a stopover when traveling from USA to other places in Europe, as Icelandic Airlines often has good fares. I like the mythological references & also have been fascinated with Iceland’s ‘ice and fire.’ Good form as well, Bjorn.

  5. You still stand with legs apart, one foot in classical form, the other in urban concrete; and always, always, you pull it off, morphing the two worlds like a poetic magi; The look of Iceland mirrors where I ended up in Scotland; great minds, right, brother?

  6. I just read your fine sonnet to my friend who craves to go to Iceland (and he says it’s closer than New Zealand – and that’s the truth). Lovely. I think you captured it and thanks for the photos too!! G.

  7. What a beautiful poem! I wish I could write sonnets so easily…just lovely, and the 2nd stanza is wonderful! the photos are amazing. I must check it out to see how much a trip there would cost from here. What a lovely tribute writing this (coincidentally) on their national day.

  8. I love sonnets, and I too turn to blank verse, a natural English/American cadence. Odin. You invoke him in landscape. I’d like to meet the Odin of Sigurd’s story, and have him choose my horse!

  9. You and me both — some day I would LOVE to go to Iceland. The photos I’ve seen have taken my breath away — truly stunning

    I like the ending – Odin bemoaning all of this dreadful “peace” that’s descended upon his domain!

    Great work —

  10. Iceland is faraway from our world. Relative to others inconvenience in terms of time space and costs may make it remote. But great write from you may tip the balance in its favor someday! Great sonnet Bjorn!


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  12. Ha, I had to laugh, as Iceland was the bone of contention for some friends of mine: a couple – she hated it, thought it barren and cold and wanted to spend her holidays elsewhere, he loved it, thought it the most spectacular and clear-cut place on earth, could happily have settled there. But then, he was from Siberia…

  13. The voyager loves islands like Iceland, extremities of heat and cold, magnitudes that can only be witnessed, seen, reported back to the tribe. I think we need the evidence of the gods still gnashing their teeth somewhere. Loved it.

  14. I love how this stark landscape evokes the heroes of old…I have been wanting to head up into the Arctic circle for Midsummer, 24-hour daylight…maybe next year…

      • Hmm, Stockholm might be doable…I am not kidding, I am going to look up flights today. I had looked at Norway before, but seemed hard/expensive to get very far up north (we live in Germany). Someone also recommended cruises from Oslo…

      • If you would enjoy, the train from Stockholm to Narvik would take you all the way north of the arctic circle.. Abisko could be a nice stop for midnight sun.. or take a boat to the islands outside Narvik to see the midnight sun over sea… hmm.

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