Google’s a-z of love – for dVerse

I love airports a rainy night
& body butter, bad bad that’s my problem
& college cats

I love dad body death
& eyewear

I love film fashion
& gorgeous graffiti
& haters

I love it

I love juicy watermelon
& kush

I love london lucy
& me
& new york nailpolish
& outdoor one direction

I love protein paper pizza

I love quotes
& rock n roll

I love sweden summer
& the smell of saronite in the morning

I love ugly u
& vintage
& x-men
& weed

I love you babe

I love zombies

From Wikimedia commons

From Wikimedia commons

A little experiment as a variation to googlism. I wrote up a few of the suggestions for each letter of the alphabet that Google suggested… It really painted an interesting picture of what people love. Later today at 3PM EST it’s dVerse open link night. Come join us then.

January 21, 2014

45 responses to “Google’s a-z of love – for dVerse

  1. You made good and fun use of Googlism, Björn, and crafted a poem which sounds very personal. It makes me wonder which of those you actually really love.

  2. ha. fun variation…i think we overuse the word love…and wonder if someone really loves the undead…might make for some nasty kisses…ha….and protein paper pizza sounds like it does not taste that good…haha

  3. haha…i met a few zombies back in my days… and loved some of them…smiles… cool on the a-z googlism… that pizza though…i won’t try it…smiles

  4. This is a unique style for you, Bjorn. Indeed nice to surprise one’s readers now and then. I think I would love ‘sweden summer’ as well!! Smiles.

  5. …and I love this fun poem…especially when recited by that male Swedish voice…:) ~jackie~

  6. Your creative genuis knows no rest then heh? Interesting and the fact that its all on googlism makes one think, what patterns are we drawing? what trends are we setting? who are we?

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