Carpe Diem – American sentences

Her stiletto heels penetrate a chewing gum left on the sidewalk.

A passing car’s reflected in the wet asphalt outside the gay bar.

The January snow muffles the sound of battering from neighbor’s flat.

Head-lights of battling cars in evening rush-hour look like your pearl-necklace


I love the american sentences, and typed up a few new one.

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January 21

16 responses to “Carpe Diem – American sentences

  1. Good ones, Bjorn–I particularly like the image of the stiletto heel “penetrating” the gum and the contrast of the soft snow with the harsh battering. Well done.

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  3. Question for you Bjorn–I also have my blogs on WordPress–how do you get the accent mark in (like in your name?) I would like to spell things properly….

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