Rocks in my pocket – For Friday Fictioneers

The oily river floats like molten lead, trying in vain to swallow my lugubrious memories.

The last day at the hospice you said;

Remember, I will always walk beside you

But after you left I have only seen the sooty mist of nothingness.

I’m so alone, I say with tears dry as sand burning behind my eyelids.

That’s when, through the thick clouds I see the sweetness of your face. I smile as I fill my pockets with rocks, and I feel lighter now than ever.

And as the icy water fills my mouth I hear our song is playing.

Copyright Erin Leary

Copyright Erin Leary

First of all, my apologies for all stories I couldn’t read last week. I spent most of my weekend celebrating the 85th birthday of my mother. I hope to compensate by reading more this week.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful way to share stories on the same picture. It’s masterfully managed by Rochelle, and the amount of work she does is amazing.

January 15, 2014

45 responses to “Rocks in my pocket – For Friday Fictioneers

  1. A chilling story, very deep and kicks a punch in so little words. The last part was especially spine-shiver, at the rocks in pockets line I held my breather in, thinking “OH, no, whats going on?”.

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  3. Whew! Pretty depressing take on the prompt. But I guess it was a pretty depressing prompt. For a moment I wondered why your were so happy to fill your pockets with rocks. Then the other shoe dropped…

  4. geez….sometimes grief if too much….def felt this as you went through…cant imagine rocking your pockets and taking that step but i can the feeling and longing of the release….

  5. A bittersweet tale as only you can tell it.

    On a happier note, it’s lovely that you were able to spend time celebrating with your mother and your family. How wonderful!

  6. I was just luxuriating in the fine feel and that lovely word,”lugubrious”,and jogging along,feeling a little sad,when wham!I was WTH!What an end Bjorn-a gut wrenching one-am still gasping!

  7. “The oily river floats like molten lead.” I very much like the sound of this line. Another tragic end. Misty prompts make us reach deep into the trenches, don’t they?

  8. wow. you write these so well..these pieces that are heartbreaking but so beautifully written. happy birthday to your mom!

  9. Hi Bjorn,
    This is a beautiful, wrenchingly sad piece. From the first line, it grabbed me and held me all the way through. And I really like the title. You should be really proud of this one. Ron

  10. Just, wow! You pack it full with so much. The dry tears behind burning eyelids leaves an impression me. Happy Birthday to your mom! That’s great you got to spend it with her.

  11. i love your descriptive line, “sooty mist of nothingness…” what an image for the imagination.
    also, happy belated birthday wishes to your mom. how wonderful being 85 years young. cheers!

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