Carpe Diem Haiku – Kirov

The bunk beds in a sleeping car provides a frugal comfort as I travel on. The rocking of the train and rhythm soon synchronize with my gentle heartbeat, and I drift into dreams taking me even further away. The sudden stop as we reach an unknown town wakes me, and I feel an uneasiness being briefly connected with morning rush as new passengers infect me with their stress. But as soon as the train starts moving again I fall asleep.

Hurried steps of earlier tardiness syncopate dawn disharmonies

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

My series of haibun brought me further into a railway trip. Sleeping onboard a train is a special experience. Waking up as the train is standing still early in the morning suddenly connect you with the outside world at irregular intervals.
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9 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – Kirov

  1. Really nice balance between the stress of appearing passengers and peacefulness of dreams. And the train keeps moving… 🙂
    Masterful as always, Björn!

  2. Sleeping on the train feels like the cradle in which I once slept as I was a baby … that’s why I love travelling with the train. (I have to … because I don’t have a drivers licence ) I like your story Bjorn …

  3. Bjorn, your double theme of inner/outer journey is growing with each of your haibun. I feel that this journey is special. Your American sentences in haibun can be claimed as your art form, ever since that first one, but this American sentence was extraordinary.

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