How space was lost – rondeau for dVerse

on silver sails, we set our hope
in ships that gravity eloped
we left a planet in despair
from death on earth we did forswear
away, away in rapid pace

alone in space it’s hard to cope
for mutiny we used the rope
we couldn’t have lament and tears
on silver sails

Now left alone I live on dope
I see the heartbeats on my scope
and count the stars within my prayer
for death I have no longer fears
my coffin disappears in smoke
on silver sails

James Webb telescope - from wikimedia commons

James Webb telescope – from wikimedia commons

Today it’s Open Link Night at dVerse (opens at 3PM EST). And I have been reading Aniara – and got inspired to write about a spaceship lost in space.

November 12, 2013

57 responses to “How space was lost – rondeau for dVerse

  1. a spaceship lost in dreadful a thought… could be interpreted in a few ways…the journey we’re going…the things we leave behind… i think so cool it might be to go on a space excursion, i would miss the earth terribly..

  2. Most futurists believe we will travel to the stars in soul-bursts, remote viewing, sending our essence; space ships do not seem to be part of the solution; but love your take on it. Like Claudia, I see more than the surface of the rondeau spitting out sci-fi; it is reaching beyond one’s grasp, and sometimes the cost of folly.

  3. I love “on silver sails we set our hope..” Sad, however, that what had been expected to be an escape from despair on earth ended with death somewhere out in space.

  4. Lovely write…nice lines .. count the stars within my prayer
    for death I have no longer fears
    my coffin disappears in smoke
    on silver sails. -sad

  5. Not very observant today, I guess. I read this a few minutes ago and completely missed the sci-fi element. Much cooler with that brought into focus. Thanks for pointing it out to a dim-eyed rabbit.

  6. I always wondered the fascination of living in space..The thought of leaving mother earth for more virtual reality..simply scares the hell out of me..Imagining living in a desert is too painful to even imagine..being separated from so much fertile sands and sun…

  7. My imagination had been troubled now, so its in too deep! Yea, your poetic language has evoke the thoughts!!!!!!!

  8. Wow, what a fascinating person and poem. So long. I didn’t see any links to an online translation of the entire poem. Maybe I can find one in a bookstore or something. Thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

  9. Dancing a bit on the dark side Bjorn..the opening line hooked me and I was not disappointed..haunting piece..I enjoyed listening to the audio as well 🙂

  10. interesting. reminded me of a lovely, haunting song by neil young in about 1973 called After the Gold Rush “flying mother nature’s silver seed to a new home in the sun”

  11. Science fiction now but may be a reality in the not too distant future. They’re now talking of a one way trip to Mars on a 6 month journey. Great take Bjorn!


  12. hey Bjorn 🙂
    great reading man: really adds to the piece which I like for its rhythm. well worth formalising, adding extra weight or gravitas to your words.

  13. Yikes — this is a frightening Vision made even more unearthly by the odd combination of the modern and the old-fashioned– space ship and sails x. Thanks.

  14. Maggie is right. You never disappoint, Bjorn. Love this, especially when read aloud. 🙂 ~jackie~

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