148 days – spine poetry

dikt på svenska

det sällsamma djuret
från norr
148 dagar —
i havskajak

ofredsår i isens grepp
slutet på historien
— häxorna

or translated

the remarkable beast
from the north
148 days
in a sea kayak

years of unrest captured in ice
the end of the story
— witches

A second piece of spine poetry for dVerse FFA. This time using Swedish titles. I provide a translation (interpretation) also. This second entry was a deal with Claudia to write in our native language too… check out her German..

October 3, 2013

29 responses to “148 days – spine poetry

  1. häxorna… what a cool word… in german it’s hexe… very cool
    years of unrest captured in ice… my fav… can mean so much… i wouldn’t want to spend 148 days
    in a sea kayak… tough… but i bet the book is fascinating…

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  3. Very cool…and I’m so in awe that you read novels in other languages too. I read one Russian novel when I was well versed in it. A very slow read. Color me impressed.

  4. I was hoping to see some non-English submissions! Great work–and I don’t even want to know how the witches figure in to the rest of the story!

  5. I actually recognised some of the Swedish words. OK, it wasn’t a momoent of genius to realise that kajak means kayak; but I figured häxorna was witches too … smiles.

  6. I love the line “years of unrest captured in ice”. Combined with the sea kayak and the witches, very ominous. Great imagery. Fun exercise! I just tried my first one…

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