The moment of my roads – Ligo Haibun

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough – Rabindranath Tagore

I had walked through more valleys, crossed more streams and climbed more passes than I cared to remember. At the end of my life there was only one brief moment worth to member. I sat down and knew that I would not rise again, my journey had came to an end.

I remembered the rainy evening I had come to the little village in the forgotten valley. I could still recall the emerald color of the little pond, and the perfectly pink waterlilies dancing gracefully to the melody of the falling rain.

Right before I came into the village I saw a family of travellers huddling under the shelter of large oak. Their eyes told the story of being shut out from society, shunned as gypsies and thieves.

I was not in a hurry but the rain soaked through my clothes. I still remember the moment when, I for an instant, looked into the eyes of the young daughter. This was the moment my life could have turned, but I continued to walk, and I know that only she saw my brief hesitation.

I saw how her eyes changed from curiosity and hope to loathing and contempt.

If I had but stayed a little bit longer, sat down and talked, I know that the path of my life would have been different, and like butterflies we would have seen infinity together.

Now I sit here looking at the same village, after many years I’m back, my life is gone, and I have all the time in the world to wait under the oak tree. I see a young man coming down the road, and he stops by me and sits down.

We share my last bit of bread in silence and then he says:

“My grandmother always told me to look for you here, she is waiting for you now”

I smiled, and looked him deep into the same eyes that defined the only time I had time enough. I laid down and closed my eyes.

I was home.

as the butterfly
savours each moment of life
we die happy

Mountain Path, Crimea by Ivan Shishkin

Mountain Path, Crimea by Ivan Shishkin

Linked to Ligo Haibun

September 29, 2013

18 responses to “The moment of my roads – Ligo Haibun

  1. This reminds me of a film I watched recently, ‘Mr Nobody’. It is haunting and beautiful, much like this haibun. Butterflies have a particular and personal meaning for me, a link between me and my lovely dad. Thank you for sharing this.

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  3. I actually had goose bumps reading the ending. Your writing engages the reader completely.

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