Rosebud – dVerse poetics

From Wikmedia Commons

From Wikmedia Commons

“Rosebud” uttered finally
on deathbed with a breaking voice
snow globe in his hand released
his legacy a mystery

“Rosebud” was not about
investments, trading or publicity
and searching high and low
remained in hidden secrecy

“Rosebud” wanderings
would lead to smoky bars
her bourbon tears and broken voice
the faded flower from his vase

“Rosebud” still remained
the turning point ‘tween love and gold
and hidden in the snow it burns
his final word was “Rosebud”

Shanyn is guest-hosting Poetics today at dVerse, and has us to write about phrases that get hooked on our mind and just make us into that special mood, or a meme of sorts. On the radio they talked about final words, and all of the sudden I thought “rosebud” come join us at 3pm EST when she opens the pub doors.. This is also my 700th post so I guess it’s a little celebration.

39 responses to “Rosebud – dVerse poetics

  1. oh heck…first i thought he was a secret service agent and rosebud was a codeword…in a way it was… heck… he carried her around all these years…the bourbon tears are great…dangit..great capture of emotions here björn

  2. 700, wow, congrats; love this poem, as you know I am a movie buff, & movie references really float my boat; for film is the amalgam of all the arts simultaneously; and I love where you went with this.

  3. Congrats on this milestone ~

    Like the refrain, rosebud in each stanza, what lovely imagery you have painted of her memory – bourbon tears/broken voice

  4. Neither flower nor sled, “Rosebud.” I think of it more as a code for return to simplicity, an idealized past. You’ve done an interesting thing here, kind of exploding its meaning, and dissecting it a bit, but still leaving once-movie-viewer-now-reader with a vague fog of mystery and regret. Very well composed.

  5. Congrats on the 700th post, Bjorn–you are wonderfully prolific.

    I’m not such a fan of Welles, but you bring up here the idea that what one clutches at the end is quite particular–not financial – but something sweetly layered. Thanks. k.

  6. I have a rosebud that I saved for 30 years. I got it from the man I lived with now all these decades later we found eachother again. And we are happy at last after 4 failed marriages between us. Congrats on your 700th post. I always love to read your work

  7. Oh, that was such a great movie, a classic. I’ve seen it. At the end what mattered most was a childhood memory. Lovely poem, captures the mood and meaning of the movie well. 🙂

  8. Wonderful interpretation of the prompt and movie, Bjorn. If I saw it, I don’t remember it…so I’m thinking I missed it. It sounds like it would be unforgettable. Thanks for the enticement.

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