An american Dream – Friday Fictioneers

For many generations her copper gown had signalled hope for immigrants. After days at sea, suffering from bad food, seasickness and scurvy the sight was the start of an American Dream.

Captain Jason had done the same, and now lived well in his Manhattan condo.

The mission had been successful and would add substantially to his wealth. Maybe he could buy the Jaguar his wife wanted.

The four girls below had suffered as all immigrants but they could not share the hopeful view of Liberty Island. Their dreams would soon be crushed in the seedy room of an underground bordello.

Wednesday is when Rochelle gives us a new inspiring picture. Despite the nice sunlight, I only saw darkness, and wrote my fiction story of 100 words. Unfortunately it could be a documentary.
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September 11, 2013

34 responses to “An american Dream – Friday Fictioneers

  1. A sad tale about the abuses of freedom. At first I was like they could have pulled over onto the 120 mile long island that comes before the statue but you got me with the ending. Well done.

  2. Sad, but true, Bjorn–promises of a new life can end in addiction and slavery, especially for the young. And, as you indicate, all we have to do is read the newspapers.

  3. Such is the lot of some immigrants, suffering at the hands of other immigrants better treated. We should always be aware of such predators. Lady Liberty should be the same symbol for all. Well written, good sir!

  4. I do a bit of volunteer work at an orphanage in the tiny town where I now live. Recently two girls arrived that was rescued from such a terrible thing. One eleven the other 3. One’s knees go weak at the thought.

  5. Hi Bjorn,
    Sounds like a nightmare of a dream. Great the way you contrasted the classic immigrant story with the human trafficking story. Your story moved from light to dark while describing very similar events. Very clever story. ron

  6. The thought of human trafficking is sickening. One day, the perpetrators and their patrons will pay the price. Thanks for broaching the subject. everyone needs to be made aware of this “business,” and come up with a solution to the problem.

  7. Very real and frightening to think that actually happens and many are never aware of the poor girls who are brought over illegally and used in that way, Slave and sex trafficking is one of the worst and most unfortunate things still going on.

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