Moonlit agony – Trifextra story.

As moon streaks the old pond with silver,
I feel first tooth growing,
nails transforms to claws,
and cursed hair appear again.
Hunger growing, my last human thought’s:
“Hope chains will hold tonight”

Chained Prisoner by Francisco Goya

Chained Prisoner by Francisco Goya

My contribution for this week’s trifextra. I’m back from my little hiatues and thought I’d write a little story using the word tooth as prompt.

June 9, 2013

33 responses to “Moonlit agony – Trifextra story.

  1. I really liked this, and though I don’t normally write about werewolves, it was my first thought (I did end up going with the sexy).

    because of my love of Professor Lupin from Harry Potter, I do feel for the werewolves…how achingly hard to fear the full moon.

  2. Welcome back, Björn. “and cursed hair appears again…” I love this line! The beat and emotion of it reminds me of ” and I alone beweep my outcast state.” A wonderfully literary take on the prompt. :))

  3. So nice to see you back, Bjorn, and to be able to read your poetry again. I love your reluctant werewolf–and the Goya drawing you chose as illustration.

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