put through the wringer – idioms for dVerse

Crying girl by Roy Lichtenstein

Crying girl by Roy Lichtenstein

There once was a day
was like the end of the world
to challenge myself
& sometimes it felt like
I was spreading myself way too thin
or was running before I could walk
but I wouldn’t be out of the picture

That drop-dead gorgeous babe’s
a wolf in sheep’s clothing
and flirting with her, as futile
as flogging a dead horse
but there will come a day
I’ll give tit for tat

She’ll have second thoughts
as I catch second wind
I’ll get my return
or maybe my third is a charm
she’ll be put through the wringer
I’ll have my revenge
what we could have had, is lost
but why ever you should
cry over the spilled milk
that was us

Today at dVerse poetic Kelvin will learn us to use idioms. Pub opens at 3 EST, and I’ll have guests so I probably will start reading Sunday morning. I used a dada approach to this by generating idioms in random and then putting it together.

June 22

28 responses to “put through the wringer – idioms for dVerse

  1. the spilled milk that was us…ouch…sometimes spilled milk is worth being cried over…just saying..ha…you manage to fit quite some idioms in here..see you later..

  2. Ah, good idea not to cry over spilt milk, especially since she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing anyway. But, of course, someone like this is good to sow one’s wild oats with a bit, even though you might stir up a hornet’s nest! My philosophy is: sometimes it is just better to throw in the towel. Smiles!!

  3. Nice… the second stanza especially stood out to me, Bjorn. So glad to be out of the rat race.

  4. ha maybe your third time is a charm and it will be her loss you know…smiles…ha…this was great fun bjorn….and its best to know those wolves no matter what they wear so they dont bite you in the butt…ha.

  5. It feels like you found your way to the heart//broken-heart of the prompt !! I especially liked the ending, another vote for
    “cry over the spilled milk
    that was us” !!!!

  6. …ah, what a sad or rather harsh end after all… honestly, this made me think of love that is not love but a mere infatuation… smiles… you pulled many good idioms here i believe especially knowing this is a dada piece… loved it…

  7. I liked this one a lot! Great use of idioms, plenty of them, and the ending- yowza! As for the drop-dead babes that are wolves in sheep’s clothing… well, the female of the species and all that. Good write. -Mike

  8. I like how your idioms combined to make this rather sad story. But you’re right, no use crying. Better to catch your second wind..

  9. This is so clever – I cannot even count the amount of idioms that you used. You really took the challenge! Thank you for your visit and kind words!

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