Dandelion suns

Dandelion from Wikimedia Commons

Dandelion from Wikimedia Commons

breaking through concrete
the dandelion suns

it’s like a frog
transformed by princess’ kiss
to handsome prince

or clouds that disappear
after rainy day the sun will set
in sky of tangerine

or like the spring
that colourize my world
as arid winter dies

when cawing crows
perform a serenade
with nightingales

it’s when I know
that sometimes beauty hides
waiting to spring forth

so wait and see
breaking up the grey concrete
the dandelion suns

Today at dVerse Fred wants us to look deeper at beauty. Beauty can be found everywhere, even in ugliness. We just have to look carefully or wait for it to appear. See you when Pub opens at 3 PM CET

37 responses to “Dandelion suns

  1. sometimes beauty hides…i love that line…and i love dandelions….some call them weed…i think they are the prettiest of flowers…and they def endure…did you ever read tupac’s poem about the flower in the concrete?

  2. Bjorn, love the imagery here, especially that of a dandelion breaking through the concrete, very powerful. The symbolism of a dandelion is outstanding and really great read here. Thanks

  3. oh, this took me back to childhood days… i used to watch a series on TV every week and it always started with a dandelion breaking through concrete…
    your poem has a softness to it, so delicate and unique.
    excellent work.

  4. Any plant that persistently pierces the tarmac has my respect, and it always is a special thrill to see their endeavors. Your poem celebrates gestation & Spring, immersing us in a myriad of beauteous moments,
    in a mire of miraculous noise; lovely ride, sir.

  5. If dandelions were difficult to grow, we would all want them. Such a pity they are so prolific, because they are really fine flowers. And of course the leaves are better than spinach from a nutritional point of view.
    Such a nice take on Fred’s prompt and beautifully expressed in your haiku-like stanzas.

  6. Loving that dandelion breaking from the concrete under the tangerine sky ~ Definitely a sign of spring to see them everywhere ~

    Happy weekend Bjorn ~

  7. Such a wonderful image/metaphor Bjorn. There is something about dandelions that always makes me smile. And the tangerine sky–that’s the description I wish I’d thought of for last night’s sunset.

  8. breaking through the clouds for the first ray to bloom and shine…vivid imagery here and the simplicity of the words bring it out so beautifully

  9. I love days when I have time to be observant to things, such as cheeky dandelions making their presence felt in such sunny (smiley) ways. Lovely.

  10. when cawing crows
    perform a serenade
    with nightingales

    Perfect beauty of opposites while remaining the same as all the others reflect as well. Great write Bjorn!


  11. Beauty often does hide! Concrete is not beautiful (loved your pondering the preservation of the Civil War battlefields – really ANY battlefield) with it rather than luscious parks!) and the image of natures gold finding its way through cracks (with time they always appear) is lovely. And tangerine is a color so full of life – I used to live in a city that had beautiful Lake Michigan sunsets. We KNEW to walk down to the shore after a day’s storm and see the colorful sunsets. They were always bursting with color after a grey, dark storm – the harsher the better!

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