See you in court – sestina

Today it’s one yeat since I started this blog. I will share this sestina on DVerse open link later today.
The sestina this time is written as a dialogue..

as I was walking to my house today
I felt the presence of your prying eyes
I know quite well you’re taking me to court
but are you ready yet for a surprise?
and if your dear solicitor can read
you’ll see, he can’t me easily dismiss

to claim my rights you never can dismiss
I talked with my solicitor today
we prepared a statement for you to read
and let us face it now with open eyes
be juste, and handle it without surprise
and then we just can settle out of court

O hell bitch! I will meet you next in court
as you’ve done, I can you happily dismiss
your end is near, I’ve got a bad surprise
I talked with your solicitor today
and I looked him deep into those lying eyes
and there I could your filthy secrets read

have no idea what you claim to read
but if you insist my dear, let’s meet in court
will be a pleasure, see your tearful eyes
but never I can our history dismiss
no matter what, I love you still today
and you might find the same, to your surprise

I laugh at possibility of such surprise
you always claimed you could subconscious read
no I have changed, I’m different today
but let us meet before we go to court
we have a background, cannot that dismiss
and I can see some beauty in your eyes

I had forgotten beauty of your eyes
I think I see another sweet surprise
my dear, let’s this stupidity dismiss
I think I finally myself can read
let’s meet in love and skip the court
I’m coming home again, embrace today

deep inside your eyes remaining love I read
a sweet surprise and now again we court
let’s the sins dismiss, and rejoin today

April 30, 2013

61 responses to “See you in court – sestina

  1. couples start out courting and evidently end that way – with a couplet perhaps too. Happy blogoversary and may your haikus, sestinas and prose never run dry

  2. Surprised me! The subject surprised me at first, seemed unlike you to be writing (a sestina!) about a nasty divorce. Should have known you’re too romantic to sustain that kind of ugliness!

  3. i really like the resolution of this…and finding love for one another still i wish that more could experience the same and see that hate turn into love…smiles…cool sestina man…

  4. Going to court is messy and adversarial ~ Good work on this very challenging form ~

    Happy blog-o-versary to you ~ Cheers ~

  5. Björn, I applaud your temerity in attempting this form, and admire the tour de force with which you brought it off. The loving ending was a nice surprise – so often sestinas go round in circles, but yours made real progress with a story.

      • Not really. Marriage is an economic institution. In certain states, you inherit what the spouse leaves no matter what. When someone is in the military, no matter how they treated their spouse, their will is superseded over a loving set of parents, siblings, even aunts and uncles.There are tax breaks, and certain social connotations. Worst of all certain religions still see wives as chattel.

      • You are right, and it should be aware that marriage is just an economic practice nothing else. Actually in Sweden, if you have children, living together is the same thing as being married exactly.

      • “children” was the original reason for marriage, to establish legitimacy and to establish who the father was. we now can establish though DNA. establishing this kind of relationship is only necessary to help the children with proper upbringing. otherwise, there is no reason for it.

  6. Wonderfully written sestina. I don’t know if this poem was based on fact or not; but if it is, I definitely am hoping for the reconciliation to take place.

  7. ..good to reconcile after all… i would say you have the sestina form down & reads so easy to handle… i had only written one before and reading yours just inspired me to have my luck try on the form for once again… great great… smiles…

  8. Yes, see you in court, the court of blissful love and affections. Such a wonderful twist to the age-old pre-occupation, Bjorn! Great!


  9. Wow…this was quite a surprise…felt as if were at a tennis match…I liked that back and forth dialogue…suspenseful…and that end is a killer! Nice job, Bjorn 🙂

  10. There is an interesting repetitiveness in the phrasing and images that call to mind the lyrical. I like the way the poem resolves itself amid ambiguity, suggesting reconciliation at the same time perhaps leaving open the possibility that there is no reconciliation.

  11. deep inside your eyes remaining love I read a sweet surprise…this is lovely, Bjorn. I found the repetitiveness to be both lulling and yet also reminiscent of what one’s mind does in stressful time…Going over and over the events, turning it over. Very nice.

  12. I like your comment a “sestina is in reality just blank-verse with a complication…” which makes it sound like writing one is much easier than it is. Great form with a feel-good ending.

  13. Well crafted sestina, Bjorn, with a delightful ending. You actually make this look easy, and I know that is far from the truth.


  14. wow…trying to keep up with your writing …I think it’s wonderful you have been writing so much …and so well; love the little surprises here and there!

  15. Way to tackle the sestina. And what volatile topics: love and legal action. You capture the stress of being forced to defend yourself, the grit the anger; and the hope of making peace. For sure, settling is less stressful and more delightful.

  16. awesome use of a sestina…i am intrigued with the idea of a conversation within that form…so. very. cool.

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