Weakness of a hero – iambic hexameter for dVerse

Mary at dVerse wants us to write poetry about a mythological or fairy tale character moved into a modern surrounding. Mine came from the Greek Mythology and should be well known. I can’t write heroic hexameter, so iambic has to be sufficient. Today is Easter, and we have guests tonight, so I will be coming late into the bar.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons.

he’s working as a bouncer in the local bar
but should have been a hero of the battlefield
the muscles of his body like a grecian god
a serious contender for olympic gold
but now he’s doomed a cheater using chemicals
the styxian water that his mother gave him
is deemed a dopant by the WADA expertise
he’s now a lonely outcast in society
collecting all the debts for Hector’s maffia
he should have been the nation’s hero, but is not
ironically now, with body an Achilles’s heel

March 30, 2013

47 responses to “Weakness of a hero – iambic hexameter for dVerse

  1. Excellent contribution to the bar today! Ha,with such a hero’s body he definitely should be doing something more than being a bouncer in the bar for sure. Smiles!

  2. smiles…we have seen more and more that athletes turn to using to meet the expectations we put on them…i dont take our responsibility out of the equation you know…we buy into it with our sports fanaticism…really nicely done…like your ending on achilles heel…and i wonder what part of it all that is the metaphor…maybe buying into it all…

  3. Wry look at the spectator side of sport.
    It all seems a bit hypocritical that we want to see the very best, but borderline performance enhanced. Interesting take.

  4. This is wonderful. I was a bit distracted (ahem) by the pic as I kept thinking of Apollo and not Achilles (not that it truly matters). It is very clever and well=crafted. k.

  5. arghh…with such a physique, he really should have been somewhere else!! The pursuit of money is in some ways a very shallow thing…Fantastic writing, Brudberg! 🙂

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