Vampire night – dVerse and 100WCGU

On Saturday Gretchen Leary on Dverse suggested to write a poem based on a piece of music we like. And now on dVerse open link night I can share a sonnet based on a song. At 100wcgu i got a phrase

.. despite the pounding in my head

So I link this poetry there as well.

Picture is from wikimedia commons


I must, despite the pounding in my head
on silent feet keep hunting streets at night
I’m neither ‘mong the living nor the dead
the blood I crave has never been my right

I was among the innocent and young
but sinful deprivation and my urge
became my fall, I heard the devil’s tongue
now only sunshine can my anguish purge

she’s walking on abandoned moonlit streets
I see the beauty of her marble neck
despite the love I feel, the hunger beats
and instinct drives me on this deadly trek

they say I must destroy the things I love
I know for me there is no god above

And inspiration for this poem is of course “Moon over Bourbon Street” by Sting.

March 12, 2013

56 responses to “Vampire night – dVerse and 100WCGU

  1. Fantastic. You say the vampire in fact is self-destructive. And I wonder why. Is it because he is no longer qualified to reach the satisfaction of his love? I love this poem. The message is great and the form is perfect. To write iambic pentameters is not easy, and the rhyme is perfect. You really have a command of this.

  2. see this is why i don’t walk on abandoned moonlit streets…goodness…you’ve given me the creeps with this one… rhythm in your words björn

  3. Bjorn, you have the sonnet form, the rhyme scheme and the metre perfect. The subject matter is a little strange for the sonnet, but that makes it all the better in my view. I think some of your lines were driven by the requirements of the rhyme scheme, but overall you have handled this pretty well.

  4. there is an interesting romanticism with vampirism…the intimacy of taking a life and the throb of someones pulse on your tongue…but in the end i wonder if they wanted to die…or would they knowing this curse that would be on them…and then of course…there is love…

  5. I’m generally not a fan of vampires, but your poem sets a wonderful scene. Sad to have to destroy the things one loves.

  6. This was interesting to read, a sonnet about vampire love ~ I like the form and message as well, that ending couplet is well done ~

  7. Gracefully written sonnet on a subject I have always found fascinating. Sonnets are a bear to write, I all but given up hopes of ever writing one. I did try once and it was an awful mess.


  8. Well told Björn. I wonder what it is that fascinates us about vampires…

    Anna :o]

  9. I do so love Sting and this song. There are periods when I listen to nothing but Sting – it’s kind of an annual thing.

    Your poem – highlights everything seductive about vampires. Love Song For A Vampire by Annie Lennox comes to mind….

  10. This is beautiful – I love the flow of the stanzas. And you’ve got me feeling sorry for your vampire.

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