100 WCGU – so grey inside – a rondeau

This week 100 Words Challenge for Grown-ups is the word grey, which lends itself to some dreary poetry. I try to do another rondeau. Frankly I think the whining guy I describe deserves to be left… But maybe I’m wrong ;-). 87 words.

so grey inside, I’m left alone
in heavy dread I’m on my own
you never left for other man
from suffocating love you ran
I’m here by silent telephone

my empty house, this bird had flown
despite fidelity I’d shown
to leave had always been your plan
so grey inside

I thought we were together sewn
for you, the love, an empty loan
the last I heard you were in Cannes
importance is to get a tan
I must my destiny bemoan
so grey inside

November 26, 2012

22 responses to “100 WCGU – so grey inside – a rondeau

  1. Oh…..poor thing. You lot are too harsh. Can’t you see how much he is suffering? Shame on you! Sending big hugs to alleviate the suffering.

    • I think that there are a lot of rondeau compositions out there, it follows exactly the poem “In flanders fields..”
      And based on tetrameter it should be easy to sing.

  2. Oh dear. Sounds like he could do with some therapy to work on intimacy issues – unfortunately suffocating someone isn’t love – it’s am unmet need! But at least he sees it – I have a feeling he actually wants to change after the worst is over.

  3. Accusing the other of “always planning to leave” isn’t a great start for understanding why the relationship didn’t work out…
    I agree, would be nice with music!

  4. The poor, poor man – it’s a good thing he has himself to sympathize with! I love your line “the last I heard you were in Cannes” – unexpected and funny!

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