Last bus leaving Jefferson – 100 words Friday fictioneers

This picture from Ron Pruitt is the prompt for this weeks entry in Friday Fictioners.
This time just a little story


Her bare feet pounded on the hard asphalt, she was too late, passing the deserted houses.

The company had assured that the radiation levels were within the approved levels but when they still insisted on evacuation, she knew it was serious this time.

Jefferson was doomed, but the sun was shining brighter than ever. She was wet with sweat, and her vision blurred.

As she reached the bus-station she cried in desperation. Fat Bob with family was ready to board, and she would be left behind.

The sign on the bus read: “maximum capacity 3 tons”.
October, 18 2012

34 responses to “Last bus leaving Jefferson – 100 words Friday fictioneers

  1. good one. Just outside of Cleveland is a nuclear power plant.

    The emergency plan for a radiation leak was to have all the city bus drivers in Cleveland drive into the radioactive zone and drive all the people out.

    I think the general consensus of anyone who had ridden on an RTA bus was “Really?”

  2. I love the urgency and desperation that permeates your story and then you let up on the tension with your last line. Gallows humor perhaps, but humor nonetheless.

  3. Hi Bjorn,
    Well, Fat Bob is just chubby by Arkansas standards. What a transition your story made between tension and humor, and it caught me unaware and I had to laugh. Thanks for that. Ron

  4. Was that Bob Grossman? I can’t believe he’d hop from my story to yours. He must be a gluton for punishment. Sorry about the weight limit. We’re going to have to get a bigger bus.

  5. With Chubby Chuck already occupying six seats, Fat Bob, next in line, followed by Tubby Tessie, Porky Paul and that pile of luggage, our heroine is going to have to talk fast to get standing room on the bus (lucky for her, she’s a “95-lb. weakling”). Fun ending to a possibly real story.

  6. Fat Bob could be a gentleman and let the young girl have his seat…but I doubt it. Maybe..if she bribes the glutton with a few McDonald Big Macs.

  7. I think Chubby Chuck figures pretty prominently in most of our stories as he does in mine, too. But without the hint of Twilight Zone. I enjoyed yours. I really felt for the young lady. She can sit on my lap! 🙂

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