The transformation – 100 word challenge for grownups

My first entry in 100 word challenge for grownups. The prompt is … I woke with another headache. As we are close to Halloween, I have decided to use a horror theme. Picture is from wikimedia commons, but I have added som structure to it.


The bells of the country church struck midnight. Twelve heavy beats, and I woke with another headache. The full moon painted my bed sheets a fluorescent blue.

With agonizing pain my fangs and claws were growing. My muscles expanded and my body was covered with familiar bristle hair. The transformation had begun, and I were soon to lose my human mind.

The first hesitant howl escaped my lips, and I knew my family was now awake, huddled together, and hoping they wouldn’t meet me tonight.

I hoped the chains would hold tonight.
October 10, 2012

11 responses to “The transformation – 100 word challenge for grownups

  1. Hi, I didn’t see an about page anywhere here so I, of course, know little about you. I hope I’m not stepping on your toes if I say I enjoyed this scary little story, even though a couple of spellings and tenses
    threw me off for a bit. I just know that the writer in me appreciates feedback. It’s why I join the challenge. Good to meet you here.

    • Hi, I am still learning to run wordpress. I have now added a clear About Me… I also reviewed again and tried to improve my language. English is my second language so some errors are more common than others. Thank you very much for the feedback and nice to meet you here.

      • I thought English might not be your first language, so I understand. It reads better now. Still very good. You’ll want to use “was” in the sentence at the end of the second paragraph. It’s “I was” but “you were” “we were” and “they were.” And “lose” is the spelling you want. “Loose” means the opposite of tight.

        The comment box isn’t working so well now, so I can’t go back and check what I’ve written here, but I hope it’s clear. Take care. I hope to see you again at Julia’s challenge. 🙂

  2. Now that is a headache! I love the image of the moon painting the sheets.
    btw: the clock struck midnight, though its at the stroke of midnight.
    Hope you join again.

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