Gargoyle – A sonnet

A scabrous gargoyle took my soul away
I’m left lugubrious, lurking in decay
Behind malicious grin you see the shape
a doleful mind, I’m trying to escape

And yet my hollow body walks around
Depraved of heart, I never can astound
I’m left with petty tasks of daily toil
No forceful feelings make my bloodstream boil

The loathsome varmint meet me every day
I see myself inside the marble grey
My hope to mend the chasm, it still exist
This grime and frozen beast I must resist

I now besiege you comrades please unite
and come subdue this creature of the night

A sonnet written on the idea of separation between body and soul. Also inspired by #ohj and #liblit prompts on twitter. No pledge to write a sonnet a day yet.
October 10, 2012

5 responses to “Gargoyle – A sonnet

  1. This reminds me of a very intense dream I had some months back that played like a movie. Perhaps I will write it.

      • It was so much more than that. Occasionally I will dream full stories, or movie like visions complete. This one even had an out take reel. They are vivid and stay with me for years. I think they want to be told, though I often debate it as they are usually of a dark or dramatic nature.

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