Lifelong love affair

The children knows the sea as faithful friend
A soothing kiss of waves embrace their feet
The playful surf of summer days so sweet
Affair of love that grows and never end
In skin the memory of sun remains
Inside their shoes a little sand is left
And, though the ice has left them here bereft
In shoes remain the sand to ease their pains
And growing old and wise they can recall
Though knows the danger of a stormy sea
Of kisses from the summer surf makes free
The lifelong love affair them still enthrall
This love of sea begins when you are young
Of kissing waves, a song so heartfelt strung
A sonnet written inspired by children playing by a beach.
October 6, 2012

5 responses to “Lifelong love affair

  1. You have a very nice site here, young man! I like the theme especially. Nice work too. And nice photographs. Did you take them all? Keep writing, and thanks for dropping by my site.

    Please do leave a comment if you truly find something of interest there. I thought I’d leave my comment here, because sonnets are…my thing, I guess one might say. Some nice imagery up there particularly toward the second and third quatrains. Particularly in those regions, it sounds quite nice when read aloud.

    • Thank you very much David. All pictures except when saying so are my own. I am not particularly young, but as a poet I’m a newbie, but I love structured poetry, and write daily on twitter also. On this site I try to combine pictures with poetry.

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