Set sail and leave

Away from city stressful life
A skyline soothing background now
Set sail for freedom now my strife
Survival in the seas can show
A day from now we are a alone
The ocean vast in solitude
In waves a hymn I can intone
I reach my peaceful attitude
My vessel takes me far away
I travel in direction west
And never being lost astray
A trip for freedom that is best
A little tetrameter written, when I’d rather be elsewhere. October 4th, 2012

6 responses to “Set sail and leave

  1. There is such a yearning in the tone– engaging for me– love sea poems, and this one is in kinship with Masefield’s, a bit of Tennyson’s Ulysses, and some of the early Anglo-Saxon poems– thinking of “The Seafarer.”

    • Thank you so much. I am actually a lousy poetry reader… But to be compared with those giants… Wow. It could be the iambs that does it 🙂

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