A sonnet on #liblit twitter word-game

A meeting, thirteenth room and feeling vague
No comfort on the thirteenth floor it is
The thirteenth room gives awful mindset plague
The thirteenth floor it’s hard to get the quiz

I search my mind for winsome things to say
But train of thought will lead away from light
The winsome thoughts turn darker, dreary grey
And train of thoughts will enter tunnel night

Oh querulous they are, creatures of Night
And under fullest moon they walk around
They prey and wait in hunt for blood and fight
But creatures that I fear are now aground

As sunshine burns the scary beasts away
My fealty is keeping fear at bay

Björn Rudberg, May 1 to May 5 2012

4 responses to “Thirteen

  1. Bjorn. I am not easily intimidated in undertaking to learn something new but sonnets always seemed “elevated” to me: an unforgivingly difficult and lofty poetic art form. Not only did you abide by the technical requirements of the verses, you maintained a darkly atmospheric tone throughout the sonnet that draws the reader in and keeps him enthralled until the end. Heartfelt BRAVI. And, too, THANK YOU: English is your second language and your having made this possible inspires me to spread my wings.

    • Thank you for that. It was fun to write. I hoped it would end in a slightly positive manner . Also fun to write since I had no idea were it would end, as I didn’t know the words that would come up.

  2. I learn something every time I read one of your entries. I see here that you have long had the playful quality that I have seen in your more recent works. One thing I especially like here is the the last quatrain and the concluding couplet. Also, I very much enjoyed the play on words, regarding ones train of thought.

    Now I think I must get back to work.

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