May is perfumed with memories, the bird cherry bloom takes me back to the days I left high school, of leaving youth and childhood behind, drunk on cheap wine and the scent of girls I would never see again, soon the lilac will bloom and it is always said that that youth blossom in the days between bird-cherries and lilacs.

The blackthorn blossom invokes memories even further back, to childhood days in the countryside, and soon the lily of the valley will bring me back to the first days walking barefoot in the woods.
More memories lie ahead, but when May breaks into June, the scents will mature into adulthood, and my memories blur into the many years I have been locked behind a desk waiting for summer to break.

a cloudful of bloom
dress its nefarious barbs —
to sloe gin in fall

Flowering Blackthorn

Today Frank hosts haibun Monday at dVerse today. The subject is memories and I had to write about the scents that fill my world these wonderful days of May.

May 22, 2023

22 responses to “Perfumed

  1. I love how ‘May is perfumed with memories’, Björn, and that lily of the valley takes you back to ‘the first days walking barefoot in the woods’ – it reminds me of my grandmother, her favourite flower and scent. I also love the ‘cloudful of bloom’ in your haiku.

  2. Bjorn, I like how you walk through your memories with blossoms. Very creative. Favorite part: “youth blossom in the days between bird-cherries and lilacs”

  3. I don’t have a favorite part on this one, Bjorn. I love it all. Thanks for a mndblowing, memorable haibun!

  4. Ah yes. This is a lovely recall. Thanks for sharing your blossoms and memories.

  5. Ah, May. Definitely a month for memory. College graduation, Memorial Day barbeques, Sister Mary Margaret saying (to someone saying she was cold), “No way in May!”

    Beatifully evoked, Bjorn!

  6. The dulling of the flowery spring is so very akin to adulthood and the senses of the past revisited in this vibrant season. Wonderful.

  7. Wistful, bittersweet, but beautiful Björn. I think my youth bloomed between the briar bush and the brick wall. Wonderful write my friend.n🙂👍🏼✌🏼

  8. Scents will never tire itself in memory. In fact we take pains to remember where we first had a whiff of the particular aroma. Wonderfully remembered Bjorn!


  9. Ah, lovely memories! And for me, those blackthorn trees, picking sloes and preparing the gin with my late mother….

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