Mirror me from moonless twilight,
from convicted waters dulled
by sullen dusk
buried beneath waterlogged bracken-

Dye me from hesitant winds
writhing between forgotten
headstones of a countryside graveyard.

Build my flesh from peat,
and I will sing in raven-voice
for you, my elegy.

Sad forebodings of what is to come
Francisco Goya

Today Merril hosts the Quadrille at dVerse and the word is mirror and we have to come up with the remaining 43 words..

May 15, 2023

30 responses to “Raven-voiced

  1. Your quadrille is deliciously dark and raven-voiced, Björn. I love the sound of ‘Mirror me from moonless twilight, the ‘m’ sound is like moaning, and the ‘ull’ sound in ‘waters dulled by sullen dusk’ is like the tolling of a bell.

  2. “Dye me from hesitant winds,”.. yes! This is incredibly powerful writing, Bjorn! 💙💙💙

  3. This poem captivates with its evocative imagery and rich symbolism. The use of contrasting elements like moonless twilight, convicted waters, and hesitant winds creates a haunting atmosphere. The fusion of nature and mortality, expressed through the imagery of waterlogged bracken, countryside graveyard, and peat, adds depth to the poem’s themes. The final lines, “and I will sing in raven-voice for you, my elegy,” leave a lasting impression, blending sorrow and beauty. Your skillful craftsmanship and poignant expression make this a truly remarkable piece. 👍👏👌😊

  4. The end is anticipated, but still not quite sure how dark it is! Your dark posting is a good reflection, Bjorn!


  5. You have taken us into a place of darkness between life and death. Capturing haunting details and the raven comes on swift wings.

    Welcome back!

  6. For me, you have described the mythical thin veil that is sometimes found at old graveyards and is said to have different creatures reside in it, I like it and it feels like a real scene because of the ‘hesitating wind’.

  7. Are you sure that I might want to hear his elegy? You didn’t tell much good about him.

  8. Fascinated by ‘convicted waters dulled
    by sullen dusk’ – wondering what the conviction was for…

    The last stanza … peaty and powerful.

    On a cliff top I once encountered (at a distance) a raven whom I sensed was dying. I guessed it might have ingested plastic …a deeply uncomfortable experience which has haunted me since. Rest in peace, Raven

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