Dragons untamed

Dragonlike, that night,
we spilled our spells,
intimimated, closer, deeper
further, higher ever
higher until we fireflew
above our beings
and died in tiny fragments,
burned, combusted
until we fell exhausted
into brine, our sea of self.

That night we spelled
our secret names on skin
forever and again
or so, in youthful folly
we believed.

Today Linda hosts dVerse OLN, any poem is welcome, and I took the chance of writing a bit of wordplay for Grace’s prompt I missed last week.

March 30, 2023

16 responses to “Dragons untamed

  1. Why is it we look back so much to youthful folly? Young people never look to the future and imagine how sensible they hope to be. Just one lifetime, let me come back as a dragon.

  2. Dragons are creatures of the imagination; so are nights of love and poems about both. Magically invoked, Bjorn, leaving us alone yet bedazzled.

  3. Strong work Björn!! 🙂 I invite you to come read my OLN offering tonight on my site — and to experience my wife Kathy’s profound love affair with nature, which is currently hampered by her newly discovered cancer. She goes into the UW Fred Hutch Cancer Center April 22nd for a multi-hour regimen of robotics surgery on her neck and throat area. Post Op will put her in ICU for Four days. Please keep Kathy, my love, in your thoughts. Thank you… ✌🏼🕊🫶🏼❣️

  4. oh that’s good. i can feel very vulnerability in this, gives it a powerful intimacy and humanity, can feel the bubble of identity and ego pop and spill out, all secrets… well done

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